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A positive message

Thanks Julian for this great article/essay/post it is well appreciated and no we who believe in freedom for us and future generations will not give up. We will speak up in casual conversation to help people understand how we have been manipulated and how we can help make it a better world. We can start… Continue reading A positive message

Truth Stuff

3 Most Chilling Conspiracy Documents or Accounts Ever People are often curious about which conspiracy documents or accounts most reveal the plan for a New World Order of worldwide totalitarian control. “Where’s the proof,” some people ask, “of this supposed plot to dominate the Earth?” These 3 conspiracy documents or accounts which I am about… Continue reading Truth Stuff

David Icke new book review

Fascinating stuff!! David Icke’s “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told”: A Book Review In his latest book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told, David Icke takes another mind-expanding step deeper down the rabbit hole. Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told is the latest… Continue reading David Icke new book review

If Society Only Knew

Another great article/post/essay to read and research by Arjun for CE Nikola Tesla Wasn’t The Only One: U.S. Places ‘Secrecy Orders’ On Thousands of Inventions Arjun Walia March 11, 2018    Government secrecy is running rampant in an age where more and more people are demanding transparency. Did you know that the U.S. Government classifies… Continue reading If Society Only Knew

Have no fear chart your course

Nicely put together article/post/essay of the current state of affairs and it is getting worse We Live In A Dictatorship Disguised As A Democracy “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.” —… Continue reading Have no fear chart your course

Post 4 Hawaii Missile story Continues The Hunt for Red October

The Hawaii Missile Story Continues The rest of the story you can read here QAnon Corroborates Hawaii Missile Attack & Hunt for Rogue CIA Submarine Written by Dr Michael Salla on February 13, 2018. Posted in Featured On February 11, the anonymous whistleblower “QAnon” posted information that corroborates claims that a false flag ballistic… Continue reading Post 4 Hawaii Missile story Continues The Hunt for Red October

Society and our Planet bleed

What the fuck is it going to take for the human species that live on the surface of this planet demand there governments to release those patents so we can decide what is good for our well being. I will NEVER EVER!! vote for another political party again. When the framework of society’s 8 billion… Continue reading Society and our Planet bleed

Ego On A Short Leash

  By Morag O’Brien Cosmic intervention is activating upgrades for humanity on a cellular level. Coupled with the goddess Gaia’s mission of ascension we are being recalibrated from the inside out. Micro to macro and back again. The elite warlords and corporate kingpins are in overdrive. Their mission is to keep humanity and our planet… Continue reading Ego On A Short Leash


I lived through it and now fully understand it. Thanks for this What does it look like to live from your heart? What is the mind’s role in our experience? In my 10 years of studying and practicing living from the heart, I’ve discovered an emerging trend: Some of us in the spiritual community have… Continue reading EGO

Suns of God 2012

  “Man is the Measure of all Things.” — Protagoras of Abdera (c .480-410 B.C.) “The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe.” — Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)   Introduction Once upon a time in the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, creatures calling themselves homo sapiens,… Continue reading Suns of God 2012


A blast from the past of truth that is now coming to light. Thanks Zen By Zen Gardner August 2015 We are living in perhaps the most exciting and challenging time in history. The acceleration of information from every side continues to pour in while the spiritual awakening bursts upon us. This collision of worlds is… Continue reading Archons

A Glimpse of WHO we really are.

Thanks Christina great post The Future Science of God Consciousness & Pineal Gland Activation Many who have studied the workings of the pineal gland realize it has earned the name ‘the seat of enlightenment’ for good reason. The pineal is a transmitter of the spiritual or divine self as well as the grosser, earthly or… Continue reading A Glimpse of WHO we really are.


Thanks Zen we hear ya by Zen Gardner March 16, 2018 We’re at an amazing time in human as well as cosmic history. What we do with it is up to each of us individually, as well as the inescapable collective of which we are all part. How we each respond individually affects the entire… Continue reading Listen

The Vatican In The Basement

  For many years I always wondered what is down there and what secrets it may contain The Vatican Vaults Are Said To Be Concealing Explosive Information By Editor March 25, 2018 No Comments The Vatican has been the home of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries. Its ancient roots and inherently secretive nature has… Continue reading The Vatican In The Basement

Nature Relief

Thanks Alanna for this post it was awesome Forest Therapy: How Spending Time In The Woods Can Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul Published Alanna Ketler The Facts:Multiple studies show how simply being in nature can alleviate a host of mental health issues, as well as several different biological health issues. Reflect On:Perhaps it is… Continue reading Nature Relief

New Meaning to take your Medicine

Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition May 22nd, 2018 By Ryan Cristián Guest writer for Wake Up World Everyone has the simple desire to find happiness within themselves — to find a state of well-being that can be carried throughout their lives. Sara is no different. Sara is a teacher who struggles with mental conditions… Continue reading New Meaning to take your Medicine

The Meeting and our ROOT race

 Well Well Well our time has come as it. Thanks for the message and you have our gratitude Secret Diplomatic Meeting near Saturn Discussed Humanity’s Future Written by Dr Michael Salla on April 2, 2018. Posted in Featured, galactic diplomacy In the three years that Corey Goode has been revealing his stunning information about secret… Continue reading The Meeting and our ROOT race


May it be over quickly for this race to move on The Coming Solar Flash & the Galactic Federation – Q&A with Corey Goode Written by Dr Michael Salla & Corey Goode on April 4, 2018. Posted in Featured, science and technology In an article and interview regarding his December 2017 off-world meetings near Jupiter… Continue reading The FLASH

Stories from the Dumbs

A very intriguing story. I have read many a story about the Deep Underground Military Bunkers I always thought they  were by the Military only not by Corporations interesting . Thanks for this Insiders Reveal Secrets of Underground Military & Corporate Bases with Futuristic Technologies Written by Dr Michael Salla on May 24, 2018. Posted… Continue reading Stories from the Dumbs

Information We Need

Awesome post about how things a currently working in our age of information and the battle rages on. Ethan Indigo Smith, Contributor Waking Times The information age is changing entirety. It has changed and continues to change so rapidly that many of us, many times, find ourselves playing catch-up, not just with trends of communication… Continue reading Information We Need

The Way We Are Today

One of the most interesting articles I read in a long time. Thanks CE and Arjun for this. Why We Were Born To Do More Than Just Fit Into The System, Go To School, Work, Pay Bills & Die Arjun WaliaMay 31, 2018 When I came across this discussion triggered by Josh Jones,  a writer… Continue reading The Way We Are Today

Mother Earth

We Need a Revolution – It Starts with Falling in Love with the Earth June 8, 2018 Thich Nhat Hanh, Guest Waking Times The Earth is our mother, nourishing and protecting us in every moment–giving us air to breathe, fresh water to drink, food to eat and healing herbs to cure us when we are… Continue reading Mother Earth

The Talk

Why ‘Conspiracy Theories’ & Spirituality Are Intimately Connected Thanks Joe for the help to allow people to understand The Facts:Refusing to understand how our world truly functions and simply calling exploration into this as ‘negative’ is a common spiritual bypass. The elite/cabal is here for a reason, we must understand that. Reflect On:Why do we… Continue reading The Talk

How the SSP was Born

  Telling it like it is in a nutshell Thanks Humans are Free and Julie for the Post. Exposing Antarctica: Secret Space Program, Underground Bases, Reptilians, Nordics Conspiracy, Forbidden History, Julie Alexander, Recent Articles 4:00 AM In Dr Michael Salla’s latest book “Antarctica’s Hidden History” we learn about the Thule Society, the German Secret Space… Continue reading How the SSP was Born

The Control Of It All

Thanks Terrence and Waking Times awesome stuff A Snapshot of the Internet Kill Switch in 2018 For over a decade now, activists and truth-seekers have been watching the growing influence of the internet on society and politics, pointing out that when millions of people become informed to truth, it would drastically change the political landscape… Continue reading The Control Of It All

The Hawaiian Missile Crisis

The World thanks you for this critical Information. QAnon Exposes Hawaii False Flag Missile Attack & Points to Secret Space Program Intervention Written by Dr Michael Salla on August 30, 2018. Posted in Featured, Space Programs, world politics Today, QAnon returned to the topic of the January 13, 2018 ballistic missile alert for Hawaii being… Continue reading The Hawaiian Missile Crisis

They Want More of You For There Control

As part of the Five Eyes umbrella agreement, the countries share intelligence with one another as was revealed by Edward Snowden. As a reminder, Snowden exposed that the Five Eyes countries had hacked into and planted spyware on at least 50,000 networks worldwide. This was done through the NSA team called Tailored Access Operations (TAO)… Continue reading They Want More of You For There Control

SCOTUS To big to ignore

Finally we are drilling down to why our world is like it is today. This is huge. It maybe to big to stop right now. But this will definitely slow the destruction/inhumanity/cruelty to our species/planet down has this information percolates to the masses Thanks Mike and Q for this critical information. US Senate SCOTUS Hearing… Continue reading SCOTUS To big to ignore

The Truth Speaks

In Brief The Facts:Quantum physics has revealed astonishing discoveries, many of which challenge many long-held belief systems. It opens up discussions into metaphysical realities, and are thus labelled as mere interpretations due to the vastness of their implication. Reflect On:For a long time, authorities have suppressed ideas that are different, even if backed by evidence.… Continue reading The Truth Speaks


These are the Bloodlines of the Anunnaki ‘Gods’   This is an excerpt from the book ‘Keeper of the Celtic Secrets:’ Finally, knowledge about the origins of the major races, who call the Earth home, is being shared with others. You must keep an open mind — stay out of your cave now, or you… Continue reading Bloodlines

May it come to fruition

To actually see what happens at this point remains to be seen. But the fact that it has even got this far Is nothing short of the hard work of honest independent news journalists to allow it to be brought into view for us to read and follow.  Has independent news journalist and independent websites… Continue reading May it come to fruition

A Progressive Step

Thanks CE and Richard for the Post. It is a  progressive step in Canadian society for various reasons. But is it major step I think not. A major progressive step to me would be to pull out 20 of the best Patton’s for magnetic zero point energy generator devices perfect 5 of them down to… Continue reading A Progressive Step

The Very Very Beginning

Thanks ARJUN and CE for bringing this post to our attention it is much needed has we move towards who we are and were it all began. Great artwork Kenny Army Remote Viewer Peers Into The Origins of Humanity To Find Out If Humans Were Created October 29, 2018 Arjun Walia Artwork By Kenny Callicutt In… Continue reading The Very Very Beginning

Fuck the War Machine

Fuck the War Machine! Choosing the Courage to Defy Warmongers October 26, 2018 Gary Z McGee, Contributor Waking Times “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” ~Gustave Flaubert Be violent against belief, thought and theory; be nonviolent against people and the environment. What does this… Continue reading Fuck the War Machine

Free Speech

Free Speech Is About The Search For Truth, Not A Benevolence To Others TOPICS:Free Speech November 3, 2018 By Brenden Labrum You don’t have to look far to find clear manifestations of the current degradation of our basic natural right previously known as free speech—now hate speech (you can start here, here, here, here, and here).… Continue reading Free Speech

Behind the Scenes

A very interesting read about what is going on behind the scenes when it comes to our planet. I was shocked to read how important our planet is in the ascension process for the rest of our universe and beyond. Information About The Event and Ascension from Dolores Cannon’s Book ‘The Convoluted Universe III’ Source… Continue reading Behind the Scenes


You’re Not Dying, It’s The Schumann Resonance Recent Articles, Spirituality 4:00 AM A+A-PrintEmail By now, there isn’t one person on Earth that has not felt some kind of weird and unexplained physical symptom that makes them feel uncomfortable. Many do not understand why this is occurring, and some go to their doctor to find that… Continue reading Schumann

Big Bang

Another Quantum Theory Emerges Suggesting Creation Didn’t Start With The ‘Big Bang’ Published 39 mins ago on December 4, 2018 ByArjun Walia In Brief The Facts:A new physics theory posits that creation comes from the void, which is characterized by non-physical properties. This has been categorized as “ether” by scientists in the past, but today… Continue reading Big Bang

Rings of Saturn

I would just like to add that the reason I have posted this is because at the time of reading this post I am reading David Icke new book Everything You Wanted To Know But Have Never Been Told. David mentions these rings and what they are doing to our senses.  Thanks CE and Arjun… Continue reading Rings of Saturn

FREEDOM!! Exercise It

What a great post. Thank you very much for this. The choice is yours. The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off February 2nd, 2018 By Hilde Larsen Guest writer for Wake Up World It can be challenging to realize that most of what you have believed is false. It can feel… Continue reading FREEDOM!! Exercise It

Post 2 The M.I.C. flexing there muscles. Hawaii missile follow up.

The story continues. The rest of the story you can read at The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii Written by Dr Michael Salla on January 20, 2018. Posted in Featured, world politics As information continues to emerge confirming that there was a ballistic missile attack against Hawaii that was intercepted on… Continue reading Post 2 The M.I.C. flexing there muscles. Hawaii missile follow up.


  I love this post I always dreamed that our society would be based on this type of philosophy. To me this was the right path. The time has come when your 60-year-old “Uncle Fred” is no longer the only one at the family reunion wearing that same tie-dye t-shirt with mustard stains on it;… Continue reading Hippies

Remain Free

They continually try to get us in the barn and close the doors and we continually get out to live free and eat on what the earth has provided us. Stay strong. Thanks CE for this post. Important Note from Collective Evolution: Before reading, please keep in mind that we’ve published multiple, heavily sourced articles regarding… Continue reading Remain Free

Free Energy

Has I stare at the cost of my Hydro Bill and my Gas Bill and read this. I wonder why my government doesn’t have the balls to break free from the corporate chains and be a true government for the betterment of the people that voted for them.  So again I ask you what is… Continue reading Free Energy

It Is Time

A wonderful post that gives us all a reality check of were we are now. Thank you for this “We were born to be free… to build things and grow our own food, develop our skills and be creative, not to lose ourselves in shopping, technology and mindless consumption. We are here to love and… Continue reading It Is Time

A Kiss On The Soul

The Uplifting and Healing Power of the Third Eye Kiss  If you have ever kissed someone on the forehead, then you will know how interestingly intense it is. You would think that something so simple cannot be so emotional, right? So why is it then? A kiss on the forehead represents a kiss on the… Continue reading A Kiss On The Soul

Ark Of Gabriel

 For some reason I found this post very mysterious when I first read it awhile back. An ancient weapon perhaps?? Russia’s Mysterious ‘Ark Of Gabriel’ WEAPON – Now On Route To Antartica   A shocking report which was apparently produced by the Russian Ministry Of Defence (MOD) has been circulating around the Kremlin.  This mind boggling report… Continue reading Ark Of Gabriel