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The Television

A wonderful definition of our state of affairs and why people are still asleep. So wake the fuck  up!!! Turn it off. People don’t really understand that what you see on your TV is bought and paid for and CONTROLLED!! Talmud Vision It’s a term that is used to acknowledge the fact that television is… Continue reading The Television

The Deep State

The Deep State which is known to the people that are aware and living it in present time has the Matrix Posted on November 23, 2017 This is a wonderful article in a nut shell about what we call the Matrix. There are constant articles being written about this manipulative phenomena of perception masked behind the… Continue reading The Deep State

A Different Civilization

A Different Civilization The wonder of it all Imagine No roads No noise pollution just trees. No power line grids No damns just free flowing water. No health problems regeneration to live for thousands of years You gotta wonder what our human civilization would have been like if all these secrets from reverse engineering of… Continue reading A Different Civilization

Orgone Generator

A orgone generator explained Posted on June 23, 2017 The how and why of the pyramids made here: In the pyramids made here, my reader will see three ‘levels’: the first is the copper coil, then there is the crystal grid/metal in the center, and finally we have the capstone. Let’s begin by looking at the… Continue reading Orgone Generator

The One The World Watches

Zero Point Energy Generator for residential Homes Invented by Professor John Roy Robert Searl in 1946 This Project has been going on for quite some time now. When mass produced it will have a very profound affect on all of humanity. This project goes way beyond zero point energy for residential uses it also has… Continue reading The One The World Watches

Our Solar System Is On The Move

A great article from a Russian Scientist Dr. Dmitriev’s I find Russian Scientist  more honest about there findings then any other country. This is a post about what they have found magnetically around our solar system. This article was first viewed by me from the site Event Chronicle I found it very fascinating has it may… Continue reading Our Solar System Is On The Move

A Planet full of Secrets

Has the truth slowly seeps out and we uncover many many secrets from our past Pentagon Hid German Secret Space Program Link to Alien Contact Cases

Let It Rock

Music, which may be the most ancient human language, has the potential to improve neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders by creating new brain cells and neural connectivity. Not only that, but music restores hormonal and immunological balance in a way mirroring adaptogenic herbs. The Evolution of Music Music, the universal language, has been woven into the… Continue reading Let It Rock


Has I am currently reading The Monuments of MARS A City on the Edge of Forever by Richard C. Hoagland I believe it was written in the early 2000’s and it is the fifth edition I thought this article was fitting and deserved a post. Enjoy the read. A lot of people reading the title… Continue reading Mars