Ancient Aliens

Ridicule is right Its down right embarrassing the way they try to insult our intelligence . Once we take a close look at Antarctica and what it can reveal. Its on to Mars and Cydonia. Thanks Tom and Pulse for this post.  Is It Time to Stop Ridiculing Ancient Aliens? Avoiding the reality of the […]

Shift to Survive

The possible fall of this civilization? That is the question. To shift is a gift. This way forward Joe Martino recently wrote a piece about how “The Loudest Deceptions Provide the Greatest Evolutionary Potential,” suggesting that when such truths are revealed a profound shift in human perception is possible.  An obvious example might be Copernicus in terms […]

The Blue Zone

Live Long and Prosper Last night I watched a new docu-series on Netflix about Blue Zones called Live to 100: Secrets of The Blue Zones. Blue Zones are regions of the world where people tend to live or have recently lived, longer than average. We’re talking quite significant increases here. In many cases, these regions also […]

What Do We Know??

Many questions still to be answered in our world. Maybe we are truly the Fallen Angels?? Great Post Thanks Tom for this. What Do You (Think You) Really Know? On the need for maintaining a curious spirit. “When in doubt observe and ask questions.  When certain, observe at length and ask many more questions.”  — […]


This way Forward Thanks Frank Earlier this month, I completed a 4-part analysis on the “Spirituality of Flat Earth.” The overall argument from that analysis is that the earth we observe daily, consisting of the sun, moon, and stars, is inarguable proof that we are experiencing a spiritual reality. However, we don’t perceive it this […]


This is the right direction when it comes to Industrial Farming .along with small organic vegetable and herb farms.  It can’t get any better than that if the world were to move in this direction. The problem with hemp is to keep it at 0.3 % or less THC throughout the fields which is impossible […]