Buckle Up

So live through it and understand the deception change what is in front of you. Then we can UNBUCKLE This is the Great Awakening: It’s Happening Right Now 11/28/2020 BY RYAN DELARME  (Barbara H Whitfield RT and Charles L Whitfield MD) And it’s happening right now. Related The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening by Barbara H Whitfield RT and […]

How about our backyard?

So to my fellow Canadians. Do we have this kind of a problem in our backyard? A very interesting post to read and to question. How much of this is the truth about what is really going on? Is this post just to hard to believe? I think not. Peace. Thanks to the Humans Are […]

The Battle

Has a Canadian in which our trade and commerce relies heavily from our neighbours to the south (why that is I can never understand). This battle. A 10,000 year old battle according to Ian could have financial profound affects on our country. This seems to be a exposure of cover ups and corruption that will […]