Shift to Survive

The possible fall of this civilization? That is the question. To shift is a gift. This way forward Joe Martino recently wrote a piece about how “The Loudest Deceptions Provide the Greatest Evolutionary Potential,” suggesting that when such truths are revealed a profound shift in human perception is possible.  An obvious example might be Copernicus in terms […]

What Do We Know??

Many questions still to be answered in our world. Maybe we are truly the Fallen Angels?? Great Post Thanks Tom for this. What Do You (Think You) Really Know? On the need for maintaining a curious spirit. “When in doubt observe and ask questions.  When certain, observe at length and ask many more questions.”  — […]


You have to love this philosophers take on things. Mr McGee your the man. THE BATTLE AGAINST BEWITCHMENT: UPSETTING SETTLED MINDS May 3, 2023 Gary Z McGee, Contributor Waking Times “Philosophical thinking that doesn’t do violence to one’s settled mind is no philosophical thinking at all.” ~Rebecca Goldstein Comfort zones are a curious thing. So warm […]


The infliction on our world that this so called Virus Covid 19 has caused gives pause to read perspectives on has to why this happened. This is a hundred year old perspective and might possibly be true. The spirit world is the most powerful of all in our electric universe. Although at this point in […]

Conspiracy Theorists Vs Propaganda?

Very good read if you have the time. You might want to make time. This is about western democracy being muzzled and controlled so lets call it what it is  Internet Prohibiting Free Speech Act. In the US its called the RESTRICT Act  In the EU its called the Digital Services Act, In the UK […]

Don’t Wish. DO!!

Yes it’s possible even on this day April 1st 2023.  Make this a Reality. Thanks Matt and the Free Thought Project for the perspective of what could and should be done. In an unprecedented and unexpected turn of events, the US military has announced a complete withdrawal from every foreign country in which it has […]