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Thanks Franks. Great Post. The spiritual half when we are fully educated in will I believe level the playing field in this plethora of unbalanced entities that are plaguing our planet currently

Carl Jung, one of the most impactful men on humanity, is a name that very few people know about. Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who founded the study known as Analytical Psychology. Many know about the works and name of Sigmund Freud, but interesting to mention is that Jung was Freud’s protege.

Freud and Jung ultimately parted ways because Jung’s work incorporated the spiritual into his psychiatry practice, while Freud’s work disregarded such ideas and focused more on the “human imbalances,” making the way for drugs to be used in psychiatry.

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One of the ideas Jung spoke of was the idea of the collective unconsciousness and the individual psyche. From the individual’s psyche, he also focused tremendously on dreamwork and analyzing dreams.

Since I’ve come across Jung’s work on dreamwork and analyzing dreams, I’ve started to practice it. The general idea behind dreamwork is to capture your dreams and try to make sense of them. According to Jung, our psyche, conscious and unconscious aspects of it, communicates with us, and one of the ways that the psyche does this is via dreams. And so the idea is to write those dreams down when you wake up the next day.

To tie multiple topics together, on my substack, I discuss the phenomena of magic. I plan to discuss more about this concept because this ideology has permeated human history for millennia. Yet, we have no knowledge of this.

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When talking about magic, there are three forms. For now, we’ll focus on the form known as divination, which is the foresight of events to come. The idea here is that if we understand magic, divination, and the psyche, even though we’re using different terms, we all say the same thing. Under the premise of divination, the idea is that individuals can have foresight on events before they happen.

This is similar to when Christians say we have prophecies or when others visit a medium for a reading. Same thing, different terminologies. One could say, in psychiatry, it’s called dream work.

PS: I’ve seen that Christians tend to be turned off of topics like these. This is why I stated that we need to examine the faith but also understand how the faith helps us comprehend these truths of reality.

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To note, I will discuss an analysis of miracles and manifestations on today’s Spiritual Sunday Podcast. One from the Christian perspective, the other from the Occult perspective, and see if a difference is at play.

So, I’ve been capturing my dreams, trying to see what they mean and what they may be trying to tell me about different events. And over time, I’ve realized I’ve encountered tremendous success with the analysis. I’ve experienced both positive and negative aspects happen to me in physical reality that I’ve seen in dreams. One such encounter was a dream I had a few days ago.

On October the 6th at 7 o’clock a.m., I wrote in my dream journal my most recent dream:

“In this dream, I was running with a group of individuals, and we were running in almost like a desert-style city. We were running because we were under attack, and the sensation I got was that the military army was just lined up, firing guns and shooting. We were running, and we were escaping, and one of the ideas that this dream was telling me was that this was internally operated; this execution or this tragedy was internal. 

The police-military state operation was operating this, and in the dream, we’re running through the rubble. We’re getting to escape, but you just have the sense of this, “You know this is a military operation.””

After capturing the dream, I wondered if this was just a dream, a foreshadow, or downright crazy.

And then I remembered that Carl Jung also had a dream like this.

In his dream, as we see from the YouTube video Eternalized, he was in a dream where he saw piles of dead bodies from the agonies of war. And the message he took from his dream was, “This is not a dream. This is really going to happen.” And that dream foreshadowed the beginning of World War One.

And so knowing that and just thinking about my dream, I wondered if this would happen and if we would see some kind of military operation against its own citizens.

Reminder: this dream was on October the 6th, 2023.

On October 7th, we know what happened. It didn’t hit me until maybe October 8th or 9th when I realized, “Oh snap, I think this is what my dream was trying to tell me.”

This goes back to Jung’s theory of collective unconsciousness and how our psyches know of these happenings. Since we’re all human, we can experience similar events in one way or another: the collective unconsciousness. So, if fellow humans are experiencing this profound psychological event in Gaza, why would our psyches not experience that here in the U.S.? We are a collective human species here, and Jung explains this in his collective unconscious theory.

And so I point this story out and this example to show that this mental world, this spirituality, is a phenomenon of our reality that we can tap into.

Unfortunately, we don’t know about it because we’ve never been educated about it.

“When I open my eyes, I see the physical world, the world of the flesh and blood, the material.

When I close my eyes, I “see” the spiritual world. A world of ideas and imagination, the mental realm.

For one to say that one world is real and the other world is not is to limit reality to half the picture” – Franklin O’Kanu.

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