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Earlier this month, I completed a 4-part analysis on the “Spirituality of Flat Earth.” The overall argument from that analysis is that the earth we observe daily, consisting of the sun, moon, and stars, is inarguable proof that we are experiencing a spiritual reality. However, we don’t perceive it this way – primarily due to the indoctrination program we all went through that taught us to view reality in a different, materialistic, more “scientific” way.

See my article: How a flat earth appears round. We’ve been told the world is round since we were born, so we wouldn’t know what a flat earth would look like if we looked at it every day. 

And so, with this scientific, materialistic perspective, this is how we view the world. We grow up from childhood, get jobs, and go about our day-to-day routines: waking up, eating, working, sleeping, etc., none the wiser to the spiritual aspect of reality that we live and breathe in. What’s most important to us is that we need to get a better job to make more money, have a better life, and so forth and so on. This is the materialistic or worldly perspective of life. With this perspective, we prioritize the material aspects of reality and work towards that.

But what if we switched this around? What if we prioritized the spiritual before the material?

First, why should we prioritize the spiritual, and second, what does prioritizing the spiritual look like? Would it even affect the material reality – what we live, breathe, and do daily? I propose it would. My argument is that our reality is much more spiritual than material, and if we were to pay keen insights into the spiritual, this would increase our understanding of the material – so much so that we begin to enhance our material reality.

Essentially, we can change our physical and material reality if we first understand and primarily focus on the spiritual.

I plan to lay this out within my analysis but to further drive home this point, let’s quickly discuss something that we use every day that we don’t understand from a worldly perspective, but if we look at it from a spiritual perspective, we enhance its capability. This example is the phenomenon known as electricity.

Would it shock you if I told you that today, in 2023, the science community doesn’t have a clear idea of how electricity truly works? Sure, we know how to use and apply it, but the current theory of how electricity works (i.e., flowing through as a water pump) has a lot of gaps in it. The exact mechanism of how the electricity from the power plant powers your home is not entirely known, and there are questions about the pump theory, such as how does it account for the gaps in space between equipment? How, then, does wireless charging work? Why do lightning storms knock out the power?

We don’t completely understand the concept of electricity because our perspective on the topic is entirely materialistic. Electricity floats through wires as water does through a pump, but that doesn’t account for the other phenomena that occur with electricity. To truly understand the concept of electricity and account for the instances outside of the water pump explanation, one must see that the only way for electricity to work is through an electromagnetic field.

Why are we discussing electricity when this is an article about spirituality? Because the idea of an electromagnetic field is, in fact, a spiritual one. In short, we can only fully understand this material phenomenon once we look at it from its spiritual component. The spiritual always predates the material, and the only person to take a serious look into the mystical aspect of electricity was Nikola Tesla. Thanks to him and his ideas and understanding of electricity, we have the world that we inhabit today – one where we can exchange information via technology, Wi-Fi, and more at the snap of a finger. (See previous article on Tesla at Esoteric Philosophy and Alex’s Work).

This is the same notion behind the topic of a Flat Earth. If you look into the world of physics, we see that many physicists believe there are no new groundbreaking discoveries or phenomena in the field. An example of this has even spread to mainstream media in science-based shows like The Big Bang and string theory (which we will discuss in this analysis). On the one hand, this makes perfect sense because our idea of nature and reality is entirely off. We believe in the heliocentric model when, in fact, it should be a geocentric model.

Fun Fact: An afterthought from my analysis was that the heliocentric model is synonymous with Sun worship, otherwise known as Baal worship from the Hebrew Bible. As I discussed in Part Three of my analysis, we believe in things that aren’t there because of “science,” and what “science” has done is that it has replaced the Creation of God, Humans, and the Earth from the Center of Reality and replaced the center of reality, with the Sun.

If we accept this analogy, we realize we can make more monumental and breakthrough discoveries if we take seriously the notion of the geocentric model and concepts, such as the ether, as Nikola Tesla did. As these examples have shown, it behooves us to take a step back and ask the question: What topics do we currently examine from a materialistic perspective that we should look at from a spiritual perspective? That’s the focus of this upcoming series of articles.

These articles will focus on two things we use daily, yet we’ve never thought about them from a spiritual perspective. First, we’ll address our physical material bodies and ask, just how exactly should we be using our bodies from a spiritual perspective? How should we talk, how should we breathe, what should we eat? How should we use this body, this vessel that we wake up in daily from a spiritual perspective? Second, we’ll address our thoughts and how we should think. Have we ever thought about making our thoughts better? Can we improve our thoughts?

These are the ideas we will address in the upcoming articles. We know what the material science view says about our bodies and our mental health; there’s plenty of materialistic literature on how to address both topics, but here at Unorthodoxy, I want to theorize about the spiritual aspect of the subjects:

  • First, we will discuss the difference between spiritual and material and provide a high-level overview.

  • Second, we will talk about the psyche and the consciousness in our awareness, as this is key to understanding the whole dynamic.

  • Third: We will discuss a working theory dealing with the Ether and the Holographic Universe.

After discussing our consciousness, bodily organs, psyche, and body, we’ll start to see our body in a new light and how the spiritual could actually impact the material. How our spirit can come into our everyday walk and talk.

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