Faster Than The Speed Of Light

I know this to be true I have read posts and articles over the last 20 years or so to believe this. Along with FREE energy which started to be developed sometime in the 1920’s!!  by many inventors some famous some not so famous some human some not which has since been continually cultivated and at the same time hidden from us the general public I also know there are anti gravity transport devices out there so we don’t have to keep on building bleepin roads destroying our planet with unneeded pollution and killing all the species that live on it including us. I also know there is anti ageing medical inventions with the help of our not so human friends that will allow us to live for 300+ years. I know these things are true there are many many posts that I have read for it not to be. My question to all the humans on this planet when will you catch up and realise this??  A world of peace and harmony is what we should be striving for. Nothing else really matters at this point in our time Once we achieve this the rest will fall into place. Thanks for this post and allowing it to be shared. Posts like these will help in the sum of all parts. PEACE

Raytheon Whistleblower Claims Faster Than Light Communication & Directed Energy Weapons Exist At South Pole

Making sense of whistleblower claims within a more holistic picture of the UFO pehnomenon.

Dr. Steven Greer is an important figure in UFO disclosure for many reasons. Not only has he pressed on over the years, while taking much ridicule, to bring forth legitimate testimony around UFOs, he does not shy away from the ever important conversation around consciousness, which is linked with the phenomenon.

On June 12th, 2023, Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club that contained all-new military and government whistleblower testimony on the subject of the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

In particular, I wanted to draw your attention to one piece of testimony from Eric Hecker, a Raytheon Contractor who was based out of the United States built Amundsen–Scott South Pole station.

Hecker states off the top that all documentation and proof of his testimony have been passed off to Congress for consideration.

During his testimony, Hecker discusses a piece of technology called the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. It was built to explore and understand more about neutrinos, the most abundant particles that have mass in the universe. In simple terms, it looks at spectrums of light we cannot detect optically to understand more about the nature of our reality.

IceCube Neutrino Observatory, South Pole

Research at the facility also includes glaciology, geophysics, meteorology, upper atmosphere physics, astronomy, astrophysics, and biomedical research. However, Hecker claims more is going on.

Hecker claims the IceCube indeed does what its primary purposes are, but also claims the technology can also be used as a directed energy weapon. This is because the 5160 Digital Optical Modules (DOMs) embedded into the ice can transmit at 2047 volts of power each.

Digital Optical Modules

He claims the technology can also provide faster-than-light communication, and is essentially an air traffic controlling system from highly advanced spacecraft (perhaps some human but mostly non-human) not disclosed to the public.

If this is true, it would mean that for the last 13 years as this technology has been fully operational, the US government may have been using a highly advanced energy technology at this facility.

This would be problematic given the US government claims the only way forward in solving our energy and climate woes is to tax citizens via a carbon tax while we move to wind and solar.

Worse, Hecker claims the use of this technology could have been linked to earthquakes, and the technology may have been used for nefarious purposes.

Have a look at part of his testimony below:

As mentioned, he has provided documentation to US Congress to support his claims. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. I want to be clear I am not asking you to believe everything this man is saying, but to consider it and not withdraw it simply because “it’s too hard to believe.”

Over the last 15 years, our team has been highly engaged in researching new energy devices. We have worked with and helped fund a couple of inventors, and I have seen one of these technologies with my own eyes. To be honest, my first reaction to seeing one live was fairly emotional.

These technologies, regardless of the naysayers online who simply can’t believe they exist, are here and are being hidden from the public. This is not speculation to me, it’s a fact.

Here’s an example of one machine we’ve been following for years. It is not the one I’ve seen with my own eyes, that one I signed an NDA prior to seeing and don’t have any video to release.

Back in 2016, I had a meeting with a member of Robert F Kennedy Jr’s team to discuss the technology. In 2019, it was presented to Dr. Steven Greer for further consideration as well.

A complex mix of emotions arrived for me upon seeing the technology for the first time. I’d like to share some of what I felt.

  • To watch as other engineers turned into highly inspired people while seeing these technologies was incredible. A light turned on inside them that you rarely see in the zombified modern life so many of us live. These people had a deep belief in possibility again. Creativity came over them that is a birthright to us as humans, a birthright being taken away by our lack of belief and by giving our power to a system run by nefarious elites who want to hold the masses down. To see other humans in pure inspiration brought a tear to my eye.
  • So much of our collective story and suffering is 100% man-made. We have, and have had, the technological ability to make humans thrive for decades. Instead, the goodwill of people is being directed at supporting things like a carbon tax to “save the planet,” all while we could have walked away from carbon-emitting tech decades ago. It’s troubling to truly see the impact of lies.
  • Finally, to witness something that could truly expand humanity was incredible. In those moments floods of feelings that felt like “where we could be” collectively raced through my being.

Looking back, I feel like that experience should bring about emotion


As a final note, Hecker mentions Gary McKinnon during his testimony, a man we reported on many years ago at Collective Evolution for those that remember.

Between February 2001 and March 2002, McKinnon hacked 97 US military computers, operated by the US Navy, the Pentagon and NASA. His motivation was to find evidence of an ET and UFO coverup.

While there, McKinnon found documents and images suggesting the United States has “non-terrestrial officers” of rank, non-terrestrial vehicles, and knowledge of, what he felt, was non-human craft.

If the first bit is true, that the US has non-terrestrial officers, it would mean that this personnel are in space, somewhere, and for a long enough period of time for them to be acknowledged as ‘non-terrestrial in location.’ Where could they be? What are they doing?

Below is McKinnon describing how the US charged him and what he saw when he hacked the computers.

Further, another video is below from 2010. It’s of a press conference between David Cameron and Barrack Obama at the White House. They discuss the Mckinnon case.

Obama mentions “the increasing challenge we face as a consequence of the internet.” The need for cybersecurity is growing he said. It’s chilling to hear this being discussed back then when we know where we stand today having seen the greatest moment of censorship in modern history from 2020 – 2023. Censorship that protected government mistakes and corporate profit while harming the masses.

Further, looking at how McKinnon was treated for revealing secrets back then, it’s notable to see it still happening with Julian Assange and Edward Snowden today.

Final Thoughts

One challenge navigating the UFO/UAP story here in 2023 is coming to terms with the varying degrees of knowledge the average person holds on the subject. It’s tough to get on the same page.

Some believe there never has been any reasonable evidence to support the UFO hypothesis.

Others feel it’s a fabrication by the US government to somehow manipulate us. For what reason exactly? Who knows.

Others feel “Project Blue Beam” is being used to create a new enemy and threat via ETs. In this scenario, holographic technology will be used to make UFOs “appear.” This would apparently create more legitimacy around an “ET threat” so the elites can manipulate us. But this story doesn’t track well when you take a look at the totality of the evidence.

The truth is, a well-rounded and honest look at the evidence available, including stories like McKinnon’s, paints a picture of a power structure desperately trying to cover up knowledge about the phenomenon and the technology that goes with it. That is the most likely scenario when taking a holistic picture.

But it’s hard to land there without deeper inquiry.

With COVID vaccines, many complained about the lack of informed consent around the subject. How could someone make a proper decision to take the vaccine without the right amount of information coming from people who are supposed to be ‘experts’ and advise? Without accurate information, one can’t make a decision.

The same can be said for the UFO phenomenon, there is a lack of ‘informed consent,’ (honest information from experts) thus the public is unable to have an informed opinion on the matter because they don’t know what they don’t know.

We’re in a time where mainstream media outlets are just now waking up to the phenomenon, yet are still decades behind the times. With article titles like “How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously” from 2021, MSM outlets ignore the evidence that has long been public for many decades. We already know that the DoD and other government institutions have been taking the UFO subject seriously for almost 100 years, why haven’t they figured this out yet? Or maybe their job is simply to deceive.

It’s for this reason I believe the MSM will help bring more collective attention and legitimacy to the UFO/UAP conversation, but are not avenues we should trust for an accurate or complete picture. They only create permission space for people to “feel OK” exploring this subject without ridicule. And for that we can be grateful. But it’s best not to get lost in believing we will get the truth from them. The same can be said about governments. They have lied for decades about this subject, why would we expect the truth now?

Finally, I write this as an invitation to hold wonder and possibility in your worldview. I’m not suggesting that curiously exploring this subject means believing everything you hear about it on faith, but instead to truly examine the subject holistically, with all aspects of our knowing from intellect, felt sense, and intuition.

The UFO/UAP story may not be one that can be readily explored by those of us that have so many immediate stresses to overcome as we navigate life. I’m saddened by that societal reality.

But this phenomenon truly does push us to question the nature of our reality, who we are, and what our place is within the universe. Further, the technological implications could be that the constant struggle our existing systems impose on citizens would not have to be.

We could truly thrive, and sometimes I believe this to be one of the biggest reasons why this subject is so heavily ridiculed and kept quiet. Can we return to this subject with an excited sense of curiosity? Or has our collective jadedness suppressed our wonderous sense of curiosity?

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