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A Big Reality Check: Astrology Forecast February 12th – 19th, 2023

February 13th, 2023

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In the aftermath of last Sunday’s Full Moon’s shock waves across Turkey and Syria, this will be a calmer week but one with a big reality check at its heart. The Full Moon activated the midpoint of two sets of cosmic wild card karmic eclipses- a turning point within a turning point- and the clash of the Sun /Moon with volatile Uranus all in Fixed sign was a classic signature of seismic earth movements.

On February 15th, Mars opposes the huge black hole vortex of the Great Attractor-strapline:” On the Wavelength of the Voice of God”. The unambiguous cosmic message arrives the next day- when Lord of Time and Karma Saturn conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius for the last time until 2051-as clearly as if the words:” Time to Grow Up!” were inscribed across the sky.

Saturn symbolises the Reality Principle, the Sun the individual and Aquarius the group, family or collective. Across social media and politics 24/7, polarised silos of echo chambers take no responsibility for the damage they cause- they simply scapegoat others. This Sun/Saturn conjunction is a big reminder to take responsibility for everything, to think for yourself and not be hypnotised by groupthink.

The imminent entry of Pluto into Uranus-ruled Aquarius marks the phasing out of 3D New Age Group Think which insisted that we had to band together to raise the energy of the planet, meet physically in person to receive teachings from Gurus or Teachers,  and to reinforce our sense of specialness. That was a necessary step in our evolution but one still very much operating on the old frequency of Separation, along with a fixation on continuous self-improvement and a flight into the transpersonal. Those of us who are path pavers, creatives and edge dwellers have outgrown this stage.

What many of you are probably becoming more and more aware of is that there is nothing to join, no special group with all the answers, that you are a sovereign individual navigating via your own inbuilt guidance system. You can connect with similar individuals on the same frequency without meeting up physically or constantly buying trainings or top-down teachings.

For many, accustomed to seeking rescue outside themselves and also for those making an income from them, this will take time to assimilate, just as our collective shift from ego-consciousness to eco-consciousness is doing. The weaponising of personal feelings as Truth; personalising collectives and cancel culture are all shadow manifestations of lingering duality thinking.

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