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The distracting times that are upon us. Have you noticed the sun lately?? This post directly below points this out. I have read similar posts about this topic off and on in the last 5 years.

When Did The Sun Change Color From Yellow To White?

And why wasn’t I notified?

No, no, no. It can not be. The sun on a blue sky clear day is no longer yellow! Don’t believe it? Do an internet search or look and see it is so, for yourself.

Men have been encouraged to keep an eye on the sky, to help predict and plan for the future, at least since the beginning of recorded history. Such as noting the position of the Sun to determine the time to plant crops or detect the smoke of an approaching enemy army’s campfires.

Nowadays, men pretty much rely on machines attached to monitors to predict and plan for the future. Casting eyeballs upwards isn’t nearly as important as it used to be. At least that’s my excuse for not noticing when the sun first started appearing as white, instead of yellow, when not being filtered by clouds.

I have made it a habit to trust major media outlets to inform me when “leading scientists” make an important scientific discovery. A dramatic change in the color of the sun should qualify as being an important discovery to communicate to the general public or at least to some part of the public that I am a part of. I received no such notice. No MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, PBS,, NPR, New York Times reporting to prepare me for the shock of looking up to discover that there, not out of, but rather in, the clear blue sky, blazed the Sun, in all of its whiteness!

There was not a hint of fog, haze or air pollution. Just blue sky and white sun.

I tried to convince myself that the Sun is still the color of ripe lemons, with it only being the discomfort of staring at the Sun preventing me from not looking long enough to see the still existing yellow ball of my childhood.

It was on some long forgotten by me, internet source that I first saw noticed of the sun’s color change. It got my attention because I had been perceiving Sun light to be much brighter than usual. This change had not gotten my attention otherwise, such as by looking up.

I remember asking a tree trimmer if he had noticed an increase in the sun’s brightness since I thought he would know if anyone did. He looked at me strangely before saying, “No.” He did offer the opinion that we sure were having some nice weather lately.Don’t like ads? Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free

I am no highly trained photographer but knew enough to take advantage of the early morning or late afternoon sunlight to capture crisp images. This was particularly the case for reflections in the water. I started to notice that this was no longer the case, as any time of day, direct sunlight worked as well. I noticed that whenever there was direct sun there was lighting overhead suitable for surgery.

I don’t know any astronomers to consult. By now I trust my own eyes, as they do their thing of seeing white, where they once saw yellow.

I went on to encounter no family member, friend, acquaintance or stranger who thought that things had been looking overly bright lately. I heard all kinds of “small talk” about the weather. I heard no “big talk,” about overly sunny days.

The internet source that suggested that the once yellow sun was now white, asked the reader to recall the crayon color chosen in childhood drawings to render the Sun in. I didn’t have to think long to recall those simpler times.

I shared this memory with a family member. I received the response that perhaps kindly adults suggest the yellow crayons for drawing the white sun, as white provided a better contrast than the sun’s natural, white color. After pausing a moment to experience the pure astonishment, I replied that I recalled picking the white crayons to draw clouds in a blue sky quite satisfactory. For the sun, yellow had always been away to go.

I recently came across a drawing that I did on my fifth birthday that my Mother had thought to save. The drawing was of a person standing underneath a bright yellow sun. Actually, the figure was standing under two yellow suns, but that’s another story.

It has been suggested to me that perhaps my age of 67 years might have something to do with what my eyes now see as a change in the sun’s color. My optometrist didn’t see it that way.

It has been explained to me that a person of my age may need reminding that every fact posted on the internet isn’t true. Really?!

In response to asking others to please look up at the sun on a sunny day and see what color it is, I’ve gotten, “No, because I could hurt my eyes.” For some reason, I am less shocked than I am by those who now assert that the sun has always been white or claim they just don’t have the time to contemplate such foolishness.

Once a man gets a hint of seeing something unbelievable in the sky the mind can quickly go to asking the question of whether or not this change presents a threat to the well-being of a man’s self or family or community and if so is there anything a man can do about it.

This applies to women as well.

There is also the “ignorance is bliss argument.” There is something efficient about denying the obvious multiple changes that are easily noticed by looking up. I believe there is danger in ignoring this fact and consciously or subconsciously believing that little has changed. The color of the sun is not a little thing.

At this point in time, I don’t know if I can do anything about it, other than write this article.

I have no special training in sky watching. I have seen what I have seen due to time for contemplation of the obvious due to retirement and an open mind.

One of the Good Men Project’s slogan’s is “we eat stereotypes for lunch.” I have greatly appreciated reading Good Men Project stories of men who have stopped pretending to be something they weren’t in order to conform to some stereotype of masculinity.

It is easy to dismiss others who have something astonishing to say with names such as “conspiracy theorist, “tin hat wearer”, or an internet dupe,” without considering their reports on their merits, at our peril.

In the near future, I hope, to write about men and the Mandela Effect, Chem. trails, Sun simulators, Planet X, Big Foot, aliens, and other strange things. I write not from the perspective of an expert, but as a retired man with an open mind and a believer

Planetary Shift: Herd of Elephants in the Room No One is Talking About

October 5th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The shadowstate has done its job well. Most are distracted, or misinformed, as to the true scope and magnitude of the collossal earth shifts that have only just begun to gear up. Especially in spiritual circles it’s high time we address the pressing subject of the herd of elephants in the room that no one is talking about: Gaia’s energy field is shifting strongly, clearly witnessed in the ramping up of earthquakes, volcanoes and violent storms around the globe. I know the subject is not spiritually sexy, but it’s high time we get past that, and engage this crucially pressing issue of our time.

The Galactic Perfect Storm

We’re sailing into the perfect storm of galactic, solar and earth-pole-shift cycles, which when complete, will leave no stone unturned on 3D earth. The evidence from the past is clearly available although the science has been purposefully censored. The current climate turmoil, when talked about, is put down to man made fossil fuel emissions. It’s like blaming the huge pile of elephants’ dung in your living room on a tiny mouse. As the shift now gears up, in the years ahead, this herd of elephants is going to make covid look like a minor inconvenience.

What concerns me most, is that we’re horrendously under prepared for it. Especially in spiritual circles there needs to be a coming together and working through the internal energetic impact of what is clearly  building; processing through the karma of similar past life situations; and a preparedness to courageously support one another through tumultuous transition.

We can do it. There are enough souls here with the past life experience. Souls around the planet are beginning to reveal their marvelous light. We must help plenty more to stop focussing merely on the blinding show of the shadowstate drama. Let’s see past the charade.

Galactic Superwave and the Merkabah

The writing on the wall is clear, that cycles of convergence are upon us. I’ve shared many times previously that the clear evidence points to it. Personally I don’t need the science because I’ve witnessed prophetic visions of what is to come: a knowing of future-landing-now resonating through the core of my being. I know that’s what I incarnated here to share, and the many past life regressions I’ve been party to, confirm what souls have previously gone through – the experience of the great flood of Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. We are nearing that cycle of completion once again.

Why then does this still seem to fall on so many deaf ears?
Why are so few either listening or beginning to prepare?

I know plenty are triggered into fear by the contemplation. That’s okay, it’s to be expected, BUT, what we know is that all fear is where we identify with the physicality of life – and that we are spiritual beings. Therefore ALL circumstances of fear are spiritual doorways through which to pass.

There are powerful processes of spiritual transcendence which take us through this inner triggering density and into the light. This is how we purify the lower self of all contracting karma. It’s how we open into the higher chakras and form the Merkabah – a body of light, readying us for 5D Ascension, which becomes ecstatic to reside within.

Galactic Superwave, The Event and 11:11 Synchronicity

Gaia’s Stargates Unlock

The messages are abound. In the UK this summer, the crop circles spoke clearly about Gaia’s Stargates unlocking. I know that may seem esoteric and “out there” to plenty, but surely it’s pretty straightforwards to correlate that Gaia’s energy is shifting and this is converging with a huge increase in storm, earthquake and volcanic action around the planet (visit earthwatchers). This is what happens when the earth’s magnetic shield lowers as we converge to the completion of the Pole Shift – which is due in the immediate years ahead.

It’s clear from the energy work plenty of sentients have been doing tirelessly around the planet over the last decades, that Gaia’s field has been purposefully thwarted, blocked and retarded. This has been done in a multitude of ways: purposefully misplaced megaliths, modern day EMF technology, Chemtrails and GMO, but also, ET technology inserted at the 4D level.

Due to the aforementioned work, the field is opening up in key locations, and this is now being greatly amplified by the lowering of Gaia’s magnetic shield – it unleashes stronger flows of energy especially through those opening gateways. It’s why plenty are waking up despite the purposeful distraction. It’s exhilarating to behold, especially as you witness this reflected through the sheer magnificence of the crop circles.

DIVINICUS: Rise of the Divine Human

If you’re reading this it’s time to pay attention and to explore. It’s a dialogue that we must start having more widely. As the Hopi Elders have said, the only solutions will be spiritual ones. Everything that you witness, struggle and currently strive for in the 3D is set to perish in the near future – the Opposing Consciousness is purposfully distracting from this to keep the human nose to the grindstone. HOWEVER, there is a way to mediate through all of this:

It’s about transcending the physical, activating the Merkabah and preparing for Ascension into 5D. You’re building the DNA of the new 5D Human. This is the true destiny for the next evolution of humanity, which here at Openhand we call DIVINICUS.

It’s a beautiful journey, a powerful one, which not only prepares you for the future, but is also the most resilient and resourceful way to bridge the present. Too few are yet embarked on this journey. In some spiritual circles, yes, some have made it to Everest base camp, with experiences of the True Self and at times Samadhi. But that’s only the beginning of the journey. Now is the time to start the real climb – which is the pains taking inner inquiry of peeling back the layers in daily life and reclaiming buried fragments of soul: in relationships especially; how you live and work; in the minutiae of daily life.

A Prayer for our Times

Spiritual practice must take priority now. It must be what drives the day rather than something you do when you have time for it. Time is running out! Coming together in mutually supportive groups is paramount. The reflections we’re getting in the mainstream are nothing more than propaganda of where they want to direct attention – directly away from the herd of elephants in the living room. And in spiritual circles, to my mind, too many are still challenging the cloak, rather than considering what it’s truly masking. If we come together in energetically supportive groups we can share the true multidimensional landscape we’re ascending through – the framework we need to work through: that which has been described in the popular documentary 5GATEWAYS.

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