The Slippery Slope for Control Has Begun

Here we go the slippery slope for control has now begun. I didn’t mind getting my 2 shots to help slow down the spread of this virus even though this vaccine was experimental and I must admit I was very very hesitant but I did it for family reasons. But that’s where I draw the line and will join the anti vaxxers if need be There is no way in hell I am going to get a booster every 6 months or so. You would have to give me very very clear evidence that these vaccines/boosters are not harming the human body. So for countries to continually set rules in motion in order to freely travel and access public places within in there own democratic country only if they have proof that they have had booster #1 then #2 then #3 and beyond is clearly in my eyes a very blatant attempt at control of the citizens of that country.

Israel To Revoke Vaccine Passports For Those Who Refuse Booster Shot



  • The Facts:
    • Israel has announced that a third COVID shot will be required for those who want to keep their vaccine passport up to date.
    • Those who do not get a third shot will no longer a valid vaccine passport.
  • Reflect On:
    • Are we going to see never-ending boosters for COVID?
    • Does this make focusing on treatment options much more important than vaccination efforts?

Being “fully vaccinated” may be a forever changing goal post. The general sentiment put forth to the masses by public health and government has been that having two doses of a COVID vaccine would help us return to “normal”, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Throughout COVID, measures taken in one country that is a month or so ahead of others, tends to shape what happens elsewhere.

Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries and one of the first to implement a vaccine passport system. They will now require citizens to get a third dose of the COVID vaccine to keep their pass up to date and be considered ‘fully vaccinated.’ This is due to the waning immunity and lack of long long term protection from the first two doses. The Pulse performed an investigation into Israel’s vaccine numbers in early August that was telling of vaccine effectiveness.

“We are updating what it means to be vaccinated,” said Israel’s coronavirus czar, Salman Zarka, at a press conference Sunday unveiling the new policy.

Citizens in Israel, and now in many places around the globe, are not able to access several non-essential businesses and services if they are not fully vaccinated. Being fully vaccinated is also required to work for certain employers. In the U.S. for example, all federal workers are required to be fully vaccinated in order to keep their job.

Those who have been fully vaccinated in Israel will again face restrictions on things like travelling, dining out, going to a gym or theatre, if they refuse a COVID booster shot. Citizens must take the third shot within six months of their second does or they lose their vaccine status.

The move comes after a study was released by the Israeli health ministry that found within 12 days, people who took a third dose were 10 times less likely to become severely ill and 11 times less likely to become infected than people who had received their second dose five months earlier.

That being said, conflicting information has also emerged. A large study, currently on a pre-print server, out of Israel has found that those who have been previously infected with COVID acquire more protection to variants than those who are fully vaccinated.

This is interesting because the Delta variant, among others that are now emerging, is the reason Israel cites for requiring these booster shots.

This type of sentiment could be seen coming. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people will “likely” need a third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated, and also expressed his belief that people will most likely need to get a shot every single year.

Early on in the pandemic many people believed that getting “fully” vaccinated would bring us back to “normal.” We were told that the vaccine had a “95 percent efficacy” rating regarding the initial strain. It was unlikely to be possible to stop an RNA virus, that quickly mutates, with a vaccine schedule. Yet this honesty wasn’t expressed to the people. It’s also unclear whether vaccinated or unvaccinated people are causing the emergence of new strains, another sentiment not honestly expressed to the people.

In response, we’ve perhaps censored those possible realities to stay on the side of caution. As a result, people accepted aggressive measures, with no care of the collateral damage the measures might cause.

As of today, it’s questionable whether or not humanity will ever return to what life was like before the pandemic, and throughout the pandemic we’ve been told to embrace what will be a “new normal.”

Then again, there is the question of whether normal is even a thriving world we want to go back to, or whether we might dream to think bigger. In a time of crisis, our subconscious auto-pilot way of life is interrupted, and we have the chance to think differently and perhaps choose a new path.

If we stay on the path we are currently on, with this “new normal” comes the loss of various rights and freedoms, especially for the unvaccinated. It may also include eternal on again/off again lockdowns, and a big push to make everything about human life completely digital, which in itself includes an even bigger loss to our privacy, if we even have any of that left.

As a result of these measures, many vaccinated and unvaccinated people are speaking up against them. This includes a wide variety of doctors, scientists, professors and other healthcare workers.

In Canada, The Canadian Covid Care Alliance made up of over 100 professionals who are trying to create awareness about all things COVID are speaking up. Your Ontario Doctors is another alliance of doctors doing to the same. You can find more examples within The Great Barrington Declaration, and others around the world.

One challenge right now is that we can’t seem to agree on information. The masses consume and rely on mainstream media for accurate information, yet there is often much left out of the picture, causing people to not be fully informed on what’s happening.

The overwhelming amount of health professionals who have been “going against the grain” and opposing measures taken by multiple governments to combat the pandemic are virtually unknown by your everyday person. Why is that? Why are other experts not getting a chance to speak?

Along with this un-acknowledgement of some of the most renowned experts in the field who oppose mandatory vaccines, lockdowns and mask mandates, social media companies have erased and put warning labels on hundreds of millions of pieces of content.

When in history has censorship of experts been a good thing?

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