Censorship Sucks

If you believe give what you can. I have been going to this web site for information for at least the last 10 years its a good honest site..

Good news! We are just days away from launching The Pulse!  We will be sending out that exciting email any day now.

The new website is almost ready… Our social media accounts are already active… And excitement & momentum is building a lot more than anything we expected.

The truth is, we were nervous about making this move. To create something new after 12 years, and to not know if everyone would understand WHY we were making this choice were thoughts that honestly took a few hours (let’s be honest – nights) of sleep away lol

But the time is now to take a stand against being silenced and start using some new strategy.

Launching The Pulse will help us take a big step towards solving the censorship problem that has plagued certain independent media brands for years now…

HOW?! How can this be solved?

This is a good question, and unless you’re working inside this industry everyday, it’s tough to fully grasp HOW censorship affects a brand…

I won’t bore you with all the details.. we’ve gone through reams of data to grasp what’s happening… but just think… brands like The Daily Wire, Joe Rogan, Bret Weinstein’s Darkhorse Podcast, Breaking Points, Russell Brand and more… they might have a single piece of content here and there deleted, and that’s surely censorship…

But what they don’t have is an all out war on their brand that heavily limits every post that goes out on every platform.

This leaves a brand with a choice… us, with a choice: go hide in a corner and yell at the top of your lungs where those who need to hear cannot, or strategize, adjust, and win the battle.

CE has been facing shadow bans for over 5 years now. It’s a limitation you CAN’T see unless you know how to look for it.

We’ve long known that the only way to get around this was to start a new brand… but we resisted.

It’s hard to let go of what you’ve done for so long, but we have no choice if we want to continue being a platform that can help be a hub for creating a better world.

No overnight solution (aka a new viral platform) against censorship is going to show up – we’ve been waiting YEARS…

We have to take action that’s in our control and that can make a difference NOW.

We’re about $50,000 away from reaching the goal we set out in raising funds to help get The Pulse launched – THANK YOU (so much!) to those who have gotten behind this mission so far.

As always with independent media, we’re counting on you to help us thrive as big corporations don’t back this type of impactful work.

Thanks again and looking forward to sharing all that we are envisioning with The Pulse.

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