The Heart Of The Problem

This is a nice post. Being from Canada and watching the Plandemic play out. I wonder why these huge corporations would not pay there employees when they were sick. Instead the employees had to work to make ends meet while being infected. It was not until the governments intervened to pay for there sick leave(which is being negotiated has I write this). which was needed in order to slowdown the spread of this virus it was either that or be vaccinated to have some type of protection which Canada is currently running out of. These senselessness and low respect for human life corporations has caused the virus to spread which has infected whole families. This needless suffering of these families could have all been avoided if these trillion dollar profit corporations had some type of empathy you know much like us humans do. AND PAID THERE EMPLOYEES WHEN THE WERE ILL!!!!


The Populist ‘Great Upset’: Decoupling From the Corporate State

(Ben BarteeThe social engineers at the World Economic Forum — seizing on the opportunities presented by mass fear over COVID-19 and the choking lockdowns on economies and societies worldwide — have an authoritarian vision for the future of humanity, carefully choreographed from on high at the top levels of the global power structure.

by Ben Bartee, April 24th, 2021

Unaccountable, unelected entities are hard at work constructing this brave new world through a shadowy process they have ominously dubbed the “Great Reset”:
“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

A sea change, just now coming into clear focus, is afoot. Without grassroots pushback from a united populist front, as the former CDC director recently forecasted, “nothing is ever going back to normal” – ever.

Addressing the globalist Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group advocating “free trade” – a misleadingly labeled concept which means nothing more than corporate profiteering across borders to capitalize on cheap labor and instantiating dystopian corporate sovereignty into law while bleeding the working classes in rich nations dry – Canadian Prime Minister expounded on the ethos of the “Great Reset”.

“This pandemic is truly a global challenge. And not just because every country in every corner of the world has been affected: because there is no part of society, no industry, no aspect of daily life that has not changed…. This is our chance to build back societies that are fairer and economics that are more resilient.”

All of which begs the questions:

⦁ Who decided on these changes?
⦁ What populations in the Western “democracies” were permitted to exercise popular will in a vote on these changes?
⦁ For whose benefit are these “Great Reset” policies enacted?

Again, globalist Trudeau’s speechwriters offer insights on this front, a brief glimpse behind the curtain at how the proverbial Global Reset sausage is made:

“The most promising [Global Reset] ideas will be taken up within existing IMF and World Bank processes as well as at the G7 and G20 Leader Summit… This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems.”

The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the G7 and G20 are unelected, non-representative international bodies run by and for the interests of the global elite at the expense of the working classes in every country on Earth.

Debt slavery, slave wages, hollowed-out middle classes in the US Rust Belt, corporate tyranny, environmental catastrophe, and destruction of human rights are the rotten fruits of globalism.

Normal people have no seat at the table nor any voice in the decisions by these global behemoths. At its core, the international regime is fundamentally anti-democratic and, increasingly, anti-human.
The real agenda of the ruling class — as it has been for decades since globalized trade and politicization began in earnest — is to further remove power from everyday people and place it into the hands of distant corporations and internationalized bureaucracies:

“We have to do more. We have to diversify our supply chains. We need to deepen our cooperation with different parts of the world… we look for new iterations of multilateral structures… as people are looking at a transforming world.”

At the current crossroads in American — and indeed, global — history, reform is no longer a viable solution; on the contrary, reform is a fool’s errand. World trade, and even more so world government, is a death machine:

“Globalization now connotes economic dislocation, increasing inequality, unwanted immigration, and a vehicle for the transmission of disease. The pandemic… has emphasized the dangers rather than the benefits of efficient linkages between markets, laying bare the dangers of complex global supply chains where any node can become a ‘choke point’, and the risks of overspecialization or the concentration of technological knowledge and/or production capacity in a single country or region.”

“Choke point” indeed. The task before us — the only possible solution to the corporate, technocratic, medicalized, authoritarian nightmare we are hurdling toward at breakneck speed — is our own populist, ultra-localized rendition of the “Great Reset” or the “Great UpSet.” Some suggest that we are not uprising but rather upwising – arming ourselves with the knowledge to carry out a peaceful reinstatement of public power.

The DC Swamp – not to mention the global behemoths beyond like the United Nations – is beyond reform. There is no salvation to be found in these institutions. Congress members don’t represent average people – how could they? Average people don’t make small talk with them at Georgetown cocktail parties. Average people don’t finance their campaigns. Average people don’t give them lucrative positions in the never-ending revolving lobbying door after they conclude their terms.

We must insist, by our own means, on restoring control over our own communities. We must work to rebuild intimate human bonds at levels below abstraction – ones in which we are invested spiritually and financially:

“While local government is closest to voters, turnout in local elections is low; it is highest in national elections. Despite the pivotal importance of local politics… getting out the vote is the toughest problem that party and labor leaders face.”
-William Form, Segmented Labor, Fractured Politics

The only way to reverse course is to decentralize. Decouple from the toxic corporate-state ties that bind and enslave your local community. Reconnect with your neighbors. Shop locally and, whenever possible, sell locally. Flout immoral laws imposed by far-off authorities. Target and eliminate national and international influence from bloated government and transnational corporations with no allegiance to you, your family, or community. Their claims to authority are illegitimate, non-representative, malevolent, and, increasingly, even genocidal.
Destroy what destroys; nourish what nourishes.
The time has come to #UNRIG not just our elections, but our entire economy and society to restore control to the local level, with the people, the only place it has ever rightfully belonged.

Robert David Steele, alt-right white male, and former US spy as well as the founder of the Open Source Everything movement, has joined with Dr. Cynthia McKinney, an alt-left black female, and former Congresswoman as well as acclaimed international humanitarian and change agent, to launch ARISE USA! The Resurrection Tour, which will visit all 50 US states from 15 May to 6 September and could transform into a global movement, Arise. World.

In partnership with Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs movement that challenges federal and state abuse of power, as well as other icons of freedom, they are building the definitive organic pro-human movement from the ground up – the only way to build anything of value. Join the tour as a Founding Citizen at; learn about election fraud and reform options at

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