Battle At Gardens Gate

Greta Van Fleet Thank you

For the love for classic rock. A omen to our future? I have listen to a couple tracks and of this yet to be released CD and I have found that it really ties in to the message I am trying to convey on this website. This is a excerpt from wik pedia about the influences of the making of this CD.

Peace and Goodwill to all. Lets change our planet and unearth the truths to show those who are willing to read and listen to alternatives so that we can have harmony and peace on our planet and never give up in trying. You won’t find these alternatives on your TV. You must look elsewhere and for that you will need self motivation.

Early 2019 commentary from the band on the album noted that it would be thematically have a “more worldly” feel than their prior work, inspired by the band’s seeing the world through touring. Additionally, they aimed to create “an evolution to their sound” after their prior album received a lot of commentary, both positive and negative, of being very similar to the work of Led Zeppelin. Upon the reveal of the album’s name of The Battle at Garden’s Gate in late 2020, they expanded on the themes, noting that it was “definitely a biblical reference” but that the album expanded well beyond that, into the idea of “ancient civilizations” and “parallel universe[s]”. The band explores the human experience, and how religion and war affect it. The album was described as more dark, cinematic, and complicated than their prior album. Seeing dark instances of poverty and famine while touring inspired its more dire sound

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