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Stacey has a point and this is what he has to say. For me there seems to be a mental negative/downside feeling when I wear one going into a grocery store I have a very negative feeling inside when I put it on. Is this the point they are trying to drive home?? This negative feeling has opposed to being positive Is this saying Slavery vs Freedom?? I know they say it is to stop the spread of this virus. But for how long?? FOREVER!! How long do we wait? When will our patience run out? Or is all this just a scam?? Thanks Stacey let it rip

The world is severely devoid of rationality and logical reality. The Overton window has shifted perceptibly to the far left with very little evidence that it is in the best interest of society. Dictators have replaced representative governance with tyrannical decrees from on-high, regardless of the science. Science has been replaced by emotionally charged rhetoric, fueled by misguided virtue signalling and pseudo-altruism. Racism disguised as anti-racism. Anti-science disguised and science. Tyranny disguised as governance. Soon, it will be intolerable to thrive in this cesspool we call society. With Agenda-21 and Agenda 2030 subverting national sovereignty, it will be increasingly difficult to even escape by going off-grid and removing yourself from society in general. Sustainable development regulations will try and largely succeeded, to prevent the sale of land in rural areas. So what is the alternative to complete submission into subservience? I am afraid that it will be a revolution. Mass civic disobedience by peaceful dissidents. Take off the face diapers for a start, they don’t prevent the transmission of any virus. Neither does the experimental biological agent they are referring to as a vaccine. I know most of the people I had or may still have as friends on this platform will just ignore this as ramblings of a conspiracy theorist, but there are some of you out there that I know are listening and just don’t want to take the chance of being lumped in with the likes of me. But if you want any chance of reversing this path we are on, you will need to make yourself heard by your friends, family and acquaintances. Once there is a critical mass (~12-20%) of us being vocal, we will start to see it reflected by the overlords. We are more powerful than them by many orders of magnitude. Stay strong and take off your fucking mask!

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