Confirming the Connection of the Dots

Another post about what I stated in the previous post. Part of this post was put in my archive last year. Let the future unfold and free humanity from this slavery.

by Amber Wheeler-Dwight, February 3rd, 2021

Before we really dig in here, we need to set the stage. During WWII, Hitler was obsessed with recovering/uncovering/reverse engineering high technology. We won simply because he was obsessed with quality weapons, while we focused on boots on the ground and overwhelmed them with numbers. Even then, we flew over 1600 Nazi scientists and inserted them into our contracting agencies and institutions across the nation, while Nazis fled to bases in Antarctica and Argentine, where Hitler retired.


During this time, we had 12 spies embedded in Nazi Germany. Those spies were debriefed by Admiral Rico Botta and William Tompkins, who worked together to put their debriefings into information packages which were then disseminated across the nation to various think tanks, contracting agencies, and institutions across the country. This included testimony, manuscripts, even pieces of technology. Tompkins delivered these himself; we have countless authenticated documentation including the permissions to travel, specifically with information packages. He went on to work for Douglas in the 80’s, where he essentially developed the Navy’s first Secret Space Program (SSP)- Solar Warden. Tompkins designed the ships using his packages which he delivered himself years before. The documents on Admiral Rico Botta were completely wiped from the FOIA database in 2020, but Dr. Michael Salla documented them all before it happened.


Dr. Salla’s work on this topic is impeccable and incredibly underrated. His work involves corroborated whistleblower testimony, authenticated documentation, circumstantial evidence, and more, all of which would hold up in a court of law. His novel Insiders Reveal SSPs and ET Alliances have up to 4 pages of sources after every chapter, and he has numerous novels on the subject, including The U.S. Navy’s Secret Space Program & Nordic ET Alliance, which contains more information than I could hope to share here. People disregard his research just because he considered Q being real to be in the realm of possibility, even likely considering the thousands of correlations made. A note to be made here which I believe to be incredibly important; whether this group truly exists or not is truly inconsequential. The base of what MSM calls “Qanon conspiracy theories” are not even Q at all. Most of what was new were elaborations and specific details about current or near-future events. The majority of what is believed in the Q community was around before Q for a decade, if not two or more. We said there was child trafficking in Hollywood, proven by NXIVM. We said there was an elite pedophile ring across all areas of our culture (Hollywood, sports, educational institutions, the church, etc,) and reaching other countries, as proven by Epstein. Maxwell has over a thousand names, and those people no doubt have names themselves. They only cater to the most influential affluent people in their public affairs; imagine how exclusive this group would be. They don’t traffic to Joe Nobody down the road. We said the royals are pedos, as Price Andrew has proven. We said the Clintons were pedos; Bill has been to the island 26 times via Lolita Express. People try to say Trump went; he never even flew on Lolita Express. He flew on a separate plane of Epstein’s from Florida to New Jersey one time in 1997, but that was all. He even called the island a cesspool and said to ask Andrew about it. We also predicted lockdowns; we knew it would be a strange event but we did not anticipate COVID. We knew the Federal Reserve would be dismantled, which came in the form of being absorbed by the Treasury. We even said to expect many disclosures about Antarctica and honeycomb Earth (huge underground caverns the size of Texas or bigger,) which have been innumerable, and we saw disclosures on anti-aging pills (which we already have and more,) having success in animal testing with plans to move on to human trials. Most notably, we said to expect high technology and UFO disclosure. Q denied Flat Earth (which is a psyop to stop people from looking at SSP information) and when questioned about UFOs and ET said to “consider the vastness of space.”


Another note to be made about disregarding research and testimony based on external factors; there are whistleblowers in the community who are corroborated and yet vilified due to personal litigation issues, while at the same time there are whistleblowers with actual criminal backgrounds who are upheld as examples of truth. There are double standards here that need to be acknowledged so we see when they surface.

Regardless of whether Q was really a group in the know, the point was to disseminate PREVIOUSLY KNOWN information at an exponential rate in a more understandable way, which was certainly accomplished. The Fox News revelations with Pentagon representative Luis Elizondo, who ran the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) for the Pentagon and now works with DeLonge at To The Stars Academy, told the world that UFOs are “absolute fact” and “low probability human.” This is partial disclosure (as is everything from TTSA,) they want people to believe we don’t have this technology to avoid any criminal implications of sequestering patents and tech which could have ended so much suffering long ago and to buy them time to give us pieces of information slowly so people don’t wig out. According to Salla’s insider within Skunkworks, the craft shown on Fox dubbed the “Tic-Tac” due to its shape, was built at Plant 42 by Skunkworks, which is Lockheed Martin’s group for Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. These patents have been allowed to be leaked because it’s an extremely outdated tech and allows them to slowly disclose the simplest of their technologies, as highlighted in the following article.


I’m not sure if I have shared here in the past, my father has worked at Skunkworks for 35 years, at Plant 42. I bought him Dr. Salla’s book Insiders Reveal years ago before I actually found out via Salla’s work what it is my dad really does, and he kept the novel at work. I figured this out on my own; he never spoke about it growing up except just to say what they do is the most badass thing in the world. I would have never thought he meant THIS. Stealth bombers, sure, but this is unreal. He has never broken his NDA but I have presented him with information and based on what he can and cannot tell me, as well as his opinions on everything else I believe, I can firmly say without a shadow of a doubt, Salla’s work is solid and my father supports him. Salla’s work speaks for itself, but having my own personal life experience regarding possibly the most important pieces of information in recent history is just so humbling. I cannot express my gratitude for this life. The weight I bear with this knowledge and the responsibility I hold to share it with respect and transparency is greater than I can articulate. He just this week actually started at Northrup after being put on suspension for months during the epidemic for watching Fox News at work (which he’s always done;) he was reported and painted a racist. My father has had friends of all races my entire life. They joke like men do, it’s nothing I haven’t seen everywhere else in my travels across the country and the world. For a contracting agency with such power doing this over watching Fox News and falsely accusing someone of being racist is more than disturbing. It’s clear which network and programming their executives are watching and perpetuating. My father is not the type to fight back, he’s more the type to toss them the bird and jump ship. I am sad to see him leave Skunkworks, but I pray that Northrup is more American than that, and I digress-


The following article from Vice is an absolute BOMBSHELL. Let’s break this down paragraph by paragraph-

The first paragraph in this new Vice article states the Navy has “weird and little understood” technological patents. What an understatement. These patents, filed by the Navy, include “a compact fusion reactor that could power cities, an engine that works using ‘inertial mass reduction,’ and a ‘hybrid aerospace-underwater craft.” Basically a free energy device, anti-grav, and a hybrid craft. Numerous whistleblowers have stated the existence of hybrid space to sea craft. The Navy originally retrofitted submarines with antigrav teach, as they were already airtight and prepared for deep space (sea) travel. They state this vehicle can “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level,” which is essentially what whistleblowers have reported over many years, typically involving a chair that connects directly with the pilot’s thoughts. Of course, they wouldn’t reveal this yet, just the other bits about free energy and anti-gravity.

These patents were filed by Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, and The War Zone has provided documentation to prove his existence, which they have been reporting on for the last six months as of the article referenced, which was Jan 2020. Dr. Pais’ credentials are robust and extensive, I recommend checking out The War Zone article to view them all. It states he was involved in many different departments within the Navy, including the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division and the Strategic Systems Programs. It’s important to note that, like with Skunkworks, these programs have countless compartmentalized programs within them. People working in these programs have no communication with each other, they don’t know how their work fits together, and often don’t know what the other people in the groups are even up to. I would think programs titled Air Warfare for Aircraft and Strategic Systems could certainly hold compartmentalized SSP programs. Or possibly, they want people to think it sounds possible to distract from where this tech is actually developed. It’s ironic to me that they hold the same acronym, but Pais denies any relation to the patents, which were developed at NAVAIR/NAWCAD. The War Zone states SSP covers R&D, hardware development, manning, and construction of facilities, which would likely be Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs,) and operational support of Columbia class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines and their missiles, including something which could hit any place on Earth from a ship or submarine within an hour. Sounds like the idea of his current position having anything to do with the above patents could be an outright lie.


The War Zone notes that the U.S. military makes use of the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 to file patents which the public is not privy to. The Navy has been the “most prolific filer since 2017.” It’s worth noting in 2017 Dr. Salla reported circumstances surrounding the signing of a Presidential Memorandum in 2017 to declassify over 1000 patents, pulled from over 5000. He stated these would involve anti-aging (check,) health technologies (noninvasive light and vibrational healing technologies which have been partially disclosed, check,) material science, biochemistry (I’m sure there’s something for these,) and free energy devices (check.) It states these patents were National Security issues, which really just means a threat to the old paradigm of the petro-dollar, Big Pharma, and probably a lot of other institutionalized programs, services, etc. They go on to state these patents were filed publicly, suggesting Salla’s research was correct, and that the Navy has been rolling out their own partial disclosure narrative, which whistleblowers said could take as long as 50 years. Are you willing to wait that long? I’m not. All it takes is being louder and sharing information we already possess.


Both articles describe the Pais Effect in great detail, which involves spinning electromagnetic fields, the result of which both heats the plasma and compresses/contains the fusion reaction. This allows infinite energy production, which Pais states would revolutionize power consumption. Say goodbye to your electric bill, the petrodollar, and pollution.

These free energy and fusion drive technologies are what are used in their hybrid craft for land, sea, and space. There are also patents for an EMF generator, a high-frequency gravitational wave generator, and a high temp superconductor, which are more of the same types of devices with similar goals. The Vice article goes on to paint the Navy as skeptical, noting they “called bullshit” on Pais’ inventions and patents and demanded a show. After a long review, The War Room discovered via FOIA requests, Pais came through with the goods and proved he had something operable. Documents show that the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Naval Aviation Enterprise “personally attested to the reality of these inventions and their importance to national security and peer-state competition in appeals with the US Patent and Trademark Office.” The War Zone notes the disbelief of other scientists (who likely don’t have the perspective needed to understand such concepts,” who believed Pais’ assertions were “largely absurd and not grounded in scientific fact.” Which scientists and physicists might that be? They do, however, point out that there are multiple decades of government research into similar technology, AND suggest this could a release of outdated tech. Still, they continue to play devil’s advocate and do a bit of smearing. Vice paints him as a “mad scientist” with “wild tech,” as if it’s unattainable. They go on to give credit where credit is due, noting that a paper about his compaction fusion reactor was accepted and published in 2019 by the peer-reviewed Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Plasma Science. Pais told The War Zone in an email saying this publication should wipe out any doubts people have in the possibilities and implications of his patents and tech. He claims this work involves the Fifth State of Matter, also known as Quintessence. interacting with electromagnetic energy, and that this is the “fundamental structure from which everything else (Spacetime included) in our Quantum Reality, emerges.”  Vice then backpedals on their slack, calling the above “jargon-filled ramblings of a mad scientist,” and suggesting the reader feels the same way.I do not feel the same way, Vice. I feel this is more significant than many people realize. They made a quick statement about the Pentagon’s history while leaving out the Tic Tac and AATIP.

The War Zone did cite the opinion of a nuclear engineer and reactor supervisor at the University of New Mexico who also works for a company working on “an advanced dense plasma focus fusion neutron source for the Army,” but he has nothing constructive to say. They throw these people out there like we can assume they have the full picture of what’s happening in the world. If someone doesn’t have the framework to understand work like Pias’, they wouldn’t think it was worth anything under conventional understandings of science. He doesn’t even find any value in the prestigious peer-reviewed paper he was published in. They noted one other doctor who was also skeptical. That being said, if these patents really are full of empty jargon and pseudoscience and intentionally leaked to the public despite being deemed threats to national security, they could be a big nothing-burger distraction from the current child trafficking happenings (for more on that check out my patreon article below,) election fraud, and other political fails.


The War Zone also notes that the Bush administration made a statement about “credibly investigating” “breakthrough energy sources” and noted nuclear fusion and anti-matter. This was all pushed aside for the War on Terror, no doubt, at least in the eyes of the public. The public has their eyes on Pias’ now and the Navy. Vice smeared him a bit but The War Zone has been pretty balanced. They note this could be something misleading, which is always important to look for, like with TTSA, which holds NUMEROUS inconsistencies and red flags. This Navy narrative, though slow going, seems to be the most transparent and genuine narrative to date, with the most respectable origins. William Tompkins is what I call the bread and butter of the disclosure community, in my opinion. Salla’s work connecting Bill’s (Tompkins) testimony to other corroborated testimony, circumstantial evidence, and authenticated documentation including FOIA requests paint the most convincing picture I have seen yet, aside from the craft I saw over my neighbor’s house in 2019, a rectangle from the side but so low to the ground I couldn’t see the bottom with huge round lights along the side. Check out this and my multi-orb experience below, as well as my article on Star Trek and how Gene Roddenberry had connections to Leslie Stevens Jr, whose father Rear Admiral Leslie Stevens Sr had direct connections to Admiral Rico Botta and William Tompkins, and check out Dr. Michael Salla’s book on the subject to see the documentation involved in all of this. Stevens Sr worked in programs pushing psyops to mold public opinion, which his son carried on in the form of writing scripts for Hollywood and sharing resources with Gene to build Star Trek into the soft disclosure giant that it is.

There is so much stigma and disinformation in the disclosure community. It is so important to hold space for everything, subscribe to nothing, make no assumptions, and look at metadata, regardless of where it leads you. Don’t discredit someone outright before thoroughly investigating them just because one of their views doesn’t align with yours. We are all human, we all make mistakes. We have a responsibility to get this right; we have to consider every detail to do this. We have to look deeper than mission statements, which often lie, at things like political associations and which celebrities they promote (more referring to Biden’s support of Gaga and Abramovic here than DeLonge, but he also associates with Clinton and Podesta.) Regardless of which narratives come out on top, we can always use them as a stepping stone to show everyone that this information has been here all along, that there is ALWAYS more than they are telling us, and push the idea that we can end the suffering of our fellow man and of our Earth. We hold in our hands the potential to change the course of human history forever, towards a future where humanity can not only move into the stars but interact with those who are already there. Luis Elizondo even once stated that these craft have the ability to not only turn OFF our nuclear reactors, as many whistleblowers have stated, but also turn them ON. Whether these craft are us or them (probably both- we have retrieved many and reverse engineered our own,) if they wanted us hurt they could have already done so. Turning them off tells me they are saying they want to protect us, the show of power shows they don’t have to. We were a space-faring civilization yesterday in the micro, we just need to bring it to the macro and stop bickering about inconsequential details. We have so much at our fingertips to make this happen now, more than at any other time in history. This could be nothing, or it could be everything we ever dreamed. Time will tell.

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