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So all we really need is the 5 Billion of us and counting to protest and demand that these secrets be exposed so that all on the planet can have a better life. If you add this link on Anti-aging which I posted some time ago and is in my archive and many other links out there on this topic. You will have the 3 main components 1) FREE ENERGY – Enable us to Feed and Educated the world Not to mention removing of all polluting energy power plants like Hot Fission 2) ANTI GRAVITY – Tear up roads and replace them with trees and Heal Our Planet Not to mention a whole new way of travelling on our planet that is Noise free and Pollution free 3) Anti-aging remove All Health Problems our species has endured (especially right now which is coming into question) Not to mention removal of all these synthetic pharmaceutical elements that produce nasty side of effects and many many other related problems such has addiction. THIS is how we have to unlock our slavery and be free. There are also plenty of documentaries that come to mind one is called THRIVE II which talks about free energy from a person in South Africa along with many other topics on how to succeed in this world .You can watch the videos from this post. There are also tons of links out there about these 3 vital components you just have to have the WANT to look for yourself. PEACE to all

by Ryan DeLarme, January 30th, 2021

Biden (or his keepers) tapped two prominent individuals at the world’s largest money-management firm for key positions within the new administration’s economic team. Brian Deese, a BlackRock managing director who is responsible for overseeing the sustainable investment strategy of the firm, has been named as the new head of the National Economic Council. Wally Adeyemo, who served as a senior advisor at BlackRock and was Chief of Staff to CEO Larry Fink, has been nominated for U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.

Earlier this year Larry Fink announced that the firm would begin to reshape their entire investment approach, accounting for climate risk when making decisions regarding capital allocation and investment priorities, and taking such steps as divesting entirely from the coal sector.

Climate Crisis Trojan Horse

Climate change is touted as God’s honest truth by Mainstream media, puppet politicians, and pretty much anyone who caters to the super-rich. These individuals have been using fear to suck money from the people in so many different ways, create a problem that will intentionally not be solved by anything outside of the establishment plutocracy. In short: we can only move from gas, coal, and oil if the powers that profited off of that are in charge of the new stuff. There’s only one problem, the global MO appears to be tanking the American economy at all costs, bringing in the financial reset, all under the guise of “environmentalism” and “economic disparity”, two problems created by the same institutions that are we are supposed to trust to fix them?

Since the Inauguration, there’s been plenty of buzz about the “climate crisis”, enough to terrorize our children into experiencing trauma when interacting with nature. For all the talk of Unity, bi-partisanship, and respecting the rights of the minority party, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) seems to have no qualms against the Democrats ruling, as Joe Biden once described, like a dictator. Schumer, during an interview with the cable news opinion outlet MSNBC, declared that not only would Democrats use reconciliation to pass major Biden agenda items, but that the President should declare a national “climate emergency” as a way to bypass Congress to implement main elements of his radical climate agenda…

The Majority Leader made no qualms about his intention to move Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill through reconciliation rather than to debate the measure on its merits on the Senate floor.

Reconciliation can be employed in affecting certain types of legislation that impact the federal budget. The tactic requires only a simple majority for final passage instead of the super majority needed for revenue legislation. Regarding Biden’s extreme and radical climate agenda – an agenda that mirrors the position of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset initiative, Schumer said, “I think it might be a good idea for President Biden to call a climate emergency…Then he can do many, many things under the emergency powers of the president that wouldn’t have to go through – that he could do without legislation.

Now how does Blackrock fit into all of this?

We mentioned the two Blackrock big-shots Biden tapped to be on staff. One of these men, Larry Fink, who is telling companies he invests in to show him how they will combat climate change — or else. In his annual letter to shareholders, the billionaire chief executive of BlackRock said his $8.7 trillion funds will require companies it invests in to “disclose a plan for how their business model will be compatible with a net-zero economy.” Essentially forcing a comply-or-die scenario based on a political “ideology” that is more gambit than ideology.

Fink, who has been on a very public climate crusade for the last year, is pushing for firms that take his money to present BlackRock with a board-approved plan of how they will work to limit global warming and eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“We are asking you to disclose how this plan is incorporated into your long-term strategy and reviewed by your board of directors,” Fink writes.

The request appears to mostly apply to BlackRock’s actively managed funds, which make up roughly a quarter of the fund’s portfolio. Companies who fail to submit a plan will be flagged for “potential exit.”

The 68-year-old Fink has been criticized for his climate push, with skeptics calling it a PR stunt and pointing out that not all of BlackRock’s investments live up to his Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance –or ESG– hype.

To Fix the Climate or Create a Financial Crisis?

The first gotcha moment for EVs (electric vehicles), is a scene from when the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid was introduced. Kristin Zimmerman, a GM spokesperson, is caught unaware of the energy mix of the Lansing, Mich. power plant used to charge up a Volt. Zimmerman guesses that there’s “a bit of coal” used by the plant.

A moment later, J. Peter Lark, the former general manager of the Lansing Board of Water and Light, confirms:

It would be charging off our grid, which is about 95% coal.

To suggest that all of the power used for these cars will be generated from wind and solar in the very near future would not be correct.

In fact, we’re talking about charging these up at night, so there won’t be any solar at that time. So we’re down to wind, and very often at night, the wind does fall off.

GM’s Zimmerman then says:

I don’t think coal is bad. It’s got lovely BTUs. It’s got lovely energy value.

So as you can see, 95% coal… do you know how many solar panels you would need in a field to match that output? You would destroy all local wildlife, it would take over, and the Koch brothers who build the mirrors used in solar panels would become EVEN RICHER. Actually, what would and is happening is the destruction of the economy under the guise of some half-assed “altruistic” endeavore. The financial elite are consolidating their power playing on our better natures to create a new world governance ruled by fear and conformity and will be making big bucks all along the way, assuming we continue to comply.

Gas, coal, and oil isn’t the answer either. We’ve had better options looked away for matters of “national security” since the days of Nikola Tesla that are essentially forbidden as they would end the big global energy companies overnight.

I am no climate expert, and will never claim to be, but there seems to be a large split in the scientific community. Everyone treats the word “science” as the new religion, assuming lies will never hold up all the while taking information presented for granted (usually without being able to test said information because let’s face it, science is expensive). The scientists who tend to make it in their field are usually the ones who can produce the results that the corporations paying them are looking for, often times morals and beliefs go out the window in the process, and those who feel compelled to speak up become ostracized, many know full well that to question the establishment is to lose your job and your standing in society.

On that note, it seems as though climate change is a constant occurrence, and many logical explanations get tossed to the wayside after being ridiculed by our corporate-controlled pop-culture machine and mainstream “Scientism”, the new religious dogma of the times.

Zero-Point Energy Can Resolve the Climate Change Threat

There is a need to inform people around the world that the United States has, under top-secret programs, developed use of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era – anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  Since the 1960s, five decades ago, the Military Industrial Complex has been aware of and likely employing the use of these technologies. People worldwide must demand all IFO space technology, developed covertly by the military-industrial complex, be disclosed to improve the quality of life for the whole planet.

Zero-point energy can achieve low cost energy without the use of oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth.  The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food.

It’s the energy that exists within the fabric of ’empty space,’ and it can be accessed. Possibly the best known ‘mainstream’ science example of this comes from The Casimir Effect. It illustrates zero point or vacuum state energy. It predicts that two metal plates close together attract each other due to an imbalance in the quantum fluctuations(source)(source). You can see a visual demonstration of this concept here.

Vacuums generally are thought to be voids, but Hendrik Casimir believed these pockets of nothing do indeed contain fluctuations of electromagnetic waves. He suggested that two metal plates held apart in a vacuum could trap the waves, creating vacuum energy that could attract or repel the plates. As the boundaries of a region move, the variation in vacuum energy (zero-point energy) leads to the Casimir effect. Recent research done at Harvard University, and Vrije University in Amsterdam and elsewhere has proved the Casimir effect correct (source).

Below is a video of renowned Physicist Harold E. Puthoff explaining what ‘zero-point’ energy is. He’s An American physicist who earned his Ph.D from Stanford University. He is the director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, and has served various government agencies throughout his years.

The interview is a clip taken from Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure project.

“These are not just fringe scientists with science fiction ideas. They are mainstream ideas being published in mainstream physics journals and being taken seriously by mainstream military and NASA type funders. I’ve been taken out on aircraft carriers by the Navy and shown what it is we have to replace if we have new energy sources to provide new fuel methods.” – Dr. Harold E. Puthoff

There are energy generating machines out there that exist using these concepts of physics.

The quote below comes from Paramahamsa Tewari, Inventor of what’s called the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG).

A century from now, it will be well known that: the vacuum of space which fills the universe is itself the real substratum of the universe; vacuum in a circulating state becomes matter; the electron is the fundamental particle of matter and is a vortex of vacuum with a vacuum-less void at the center and it is dynamically stable; the speed of light relative to vacuum is the maximum speed that nature has provided and is an inherent property of the vacuum; vacuum is a subtle fluid unknown in material media; vacuum is mass-less, continuous, non viscous, and incompressible and is responsible for all the properties of matter; and that vacuum has always existed and will exist forever….Then scientists, engineers and philosophers will bend their heads in shame knowing that modern science ignored the vacuum in our chase to discover reality for more than a century.

Related Ted X Talk

Below is a video of Nassim Haramein giving a TEDx talk at USCD. Nassim currently leads teams of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists to explore the frontier of unification principles and their implications. Haramein’s lifelong vision of applied unified physics to create positive change in the world today is reflected in the mission of The Resonance Project Foundation. He shares the developments of his research through scientific publications and educational offerings through the Resonance Academy.

Currently Nassim is focused on his most recent developments in quantum gravity and their applications to technology, new energy research, applied resonance, life sciences, permaculture, and consciousness studies. Nassim currently resides in Kauai compassionately raising his two young sons, and surfing the sunlit swells on the shores of the magnificent Hawaiian islands.

HERE is an example of some of his published research, with co authors, one of whom is Elizabeth A. Rauscher, an American physicist. She is a former researcher with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Stanford Research Institute, and NASA.

“Space is actually not empty and it’s full of energy…The energy in space is not trivial there’s a lot of it and we can actually calculate how much energy there is in that space and that reality might actually come out of it. Everything we see is actually emerging from that space.”

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