Star and Birth

Today is the day. Today we must move forward has a human species. Today we must begin to promote world peace stop world hunger and educate the world with truth and full transparent education. Today is the day we start to expose the evils and the corruption of our world and turn our backs on them and expose the secrets that have held the human species back from moving forward. After all this is true time. The one we live by is just a construct. Anyway has the man said “We must engage and rearrange and turn this planet back to one” So the readers of this website “Are you going my way”

In the skies, something magical and very, very rare is appearing at the December 21st Solstice – a Great Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter the Creative Ideal and Saturn as pure Potential are together birthing the emerging Aquarian Paradigm.

 As the Sun returns to the Northern hemisphere announcing the Christmas festival of light and hope, the symbolism shines bright-this is a collective intake of fresh air, a breath of life and an extraordinary new beginning.

This is the closest the two largest planets in our solar system have been for nearly 800 years and is the event everyone has been waiting for after the most brutal year anyone can remember. Jupiter and Saturn are the Time Lords of the cosmos, moving the hands of the World Clock forward each time they meet.

This is no ordinary meeting of the two Time Lords. Jupiter /Saturn conjunctions happen every 20 years and fall in the same element for around 200 years before shifting into the next. We’ve just experienced 200 years of conjunctions in Earth signs – bringing the Industrial Revolution and the rise of economics and capitalism. Now we have the Great Mutation into Air signs until 2219, an evolution of global social development – ideas, information, technology, communication, relationships and collaboration.

2021 is not a shift into a New Earth leaving the ruins and trauma of 2020 in the dust – that’s just magical thinking. Polarities and tensions will be great and build all year with huge resistance from those who fear losing wealth, power and control. But as the Aquarius frequency deepens, the New will start to replace the Old in the natural Universal Law of Balance.

Know that, as a creative, change agent and path paver ahead of the bell curve, you were made for these times. Prepare for a once in 20 years Personal Re-Set. Together, Jupiter and Saturn will inspire you to progress, evolve and up level your sense of social purpose and direction, your quest for concrete and meaningful achievements in the world. This all about making a difference by turning dreams, plans and blueprints into reality in a different way – deliberately going off the mainstream path and beyond the old norms of selling and marketing.

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