Q DROPS of interest

Q drop number 4158, also from 8th May…


These two Q drops refer to the Shadow Presidency/Government that Obama (Hussein) set up with the Deep State to undermine Trump’s Presidency from the very beginning.

Obama (and others such as Hillary Clinton) traveled the world ahead of President Trump, meeting secretly with world leaders to undermine the new President. Of course there would have been much larger stakes involved, including blackmail to do with satanism and sex trafficking.

Obama, the Clintons, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, the Democrat Party and the media have been involved in the take down of President Trump since before he was even elected. Hence the term ‘Spygate’.

I have just discovered Dan Bongino on Twitter. He has 1.7 million followers and I can see why. He’s a prolific Tweeter and a fearless Light Warrior, working to bring the truth to humanity.

Here are three new tweets from Dan Bongino…https://twitter.com/dbongino ‘This has been an epic 24 hours. Adam Schiff’s status as the biggest fraud in congress has been confirmed. The collusion hoax has been entirely decimated, along with the lunatics promoting it. And Comey’s war on General Flynn is over with Comey completely humiliated. And the media sucks too.’ ‘Now, more than ever, you need to tune out the liberal media. As the walls close in on Obama and the Spygate plotters, they’ll claw at their faces and scream disinformation at the top of their lungs. They’re desperate to distract you. Please, for the sake of truth, tune them out.’ ‘The most important question an honest media (if we had one) would be asking right now…”What did Obama know, and when did he know it?”‘

It’s an excellent question. People like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, John Solomon, Project Veritas and Judical Watch are not afraid to ask these kind of questions. They represent REAL journalism not Fake News.

It seems that DECLAS is very close, with more documents and transcripts being released every day. Now watch the Democrats turn on Attorney General Barr. They will desperately try to discredit him and get him removed. That’s when you know the Alliance is right over the target. BOOM.

President Trump and the Alliance have played a (very) long game – for some Alliance players it has been decades – to defeat the Deep State. We Light Warriors are honored to be fighting alongside them, thanks to information from Q.

Stay positive and enjoy the show. The Light is WINNING!

Where We Go One We Go All.

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