The Law of One

Teilhard de Chardin’s “Omega Point” Is the Law of One’s “Social-Memory-Complex”

Article by Doug Esse

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Some of you have never heard of the Law of One, and some of you have never heard of Teilhard de Chardin.  Until this article, the two camps have never really met. This is not because there is inherent hostility, it is rather that neither knew about the other.

This brief article will outline some of the commonalities in order to show that the Spirit has been breaking in and the Great Shift towards a singularity, or Teilhard’s “Omega Point”, is very much underway.  I contend that Teilhard was way ahead of his time in intuiting the future of humanity which when one reads the Law of One material, it is clear he is talking about the fourth density and its formation of the social-memory-complex. It gives me great joy to see that Teilhard’s writings and spirit are being “resurrected” in recent times because people are resonating with the amazing insights he put together.  They are seeing his insights unfold in daily life and in other spheres of knowledge like science, psychology, theology, and spirituality studies.

Some Personal Background

Just a little background: I grew up in the Catholic Church and like any religious institution, I found ideas that appealed to dualistic thinkers and nondual thinkers alike.  Dogma and doctrine were important to me when I was at the psycho-spiritual stage that appreciated structure and definition many years ago.  As time went on, my mystical nature gravitated towards desiring experiential knowledge (gnosis) with the divine.  Other mystics, some of whom have been canonized as saints by the Catholic Church, emerged as sisters and brothers to me and acted as sign posts, affirming my own explorations into living out a life of faith.

My greatest companion on the journey as been my mentor and friend, Richard Rohr, OFM.  Richard’s own spiritual journey and courage to write what he does has helped me to trust my own intuition and journey.  Cynthia Bourgeault is another giant in my life who introduced me to Centering Prayer.  Both of these presences in my life helped me to be able to connect more deeply with Teilhard’s thinking.  Then, when I was led to the Law of One material in 2013, I was not scared of what was in it because I was already prepared for the big picture contained therein.   And wow… what a big picture!

After an initial awakening experience in April, 2013, I have endeavored to live in the constructive tension between the exoteric and the esoteric understandings of Christ and the larger Cosmos.  I do not have answers.  I only have evolving reflections.  I try to approach everything with both an open mind and skepticism.  I desire to serve others and live with integrity. The words, “balanced,” “both/and,” “grounded,” and “apparent paradox” mean a lot to me.

I have lived for a few years in Latin America including Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador during my twenties.  I earned a masters degree in clinical social work and a masters in pastoral ministry from a large university in the northeast. For the past twenty years, I’ve worked as a mental health counselor for different organizations.  Currently, I work part-time at a local university in the Dallas (Texas) area and have a private counseling practice.

Spiral Dynamics

Secondly, for a clarifying perspective , I appeal to the wisdom of Spiral Dynamics and its outlining of the different levels of consciousness that build upon each other.  I cannot give a detailed presentation in this article for sake of brevity but a cursory exploration is warranted.

Emerging from the psychological world, Spiral Dynamics tracks the growth of human pycho-emotional-spiritual development both at the individual and collective levels.  One level builds upon the other and each level represents a strong gravity center for a way to view the world and ourselves.  The structure of Spiral Dynamics contains two tiers in spiral-vertical fashion.  Each tier contains levels of value systems. Each value system is a valid and robust reality paradigm from which people understand themselves, the world, politics, religions, cultures, etc. The edges of each level blur, overlap, and often contain great conflict and inner turmoil.

In fact, conflict and turmoil are quite normal within in the first tier of Spiral Dynamics.  Each level considers itself to contain the whole truth and finds total validation for its view of reality.  Moreover, within the first tier, one is not aware at all that there are different levels.  People just think that how they see things is the right way to see them and anyone else who can’t see as they can is simply wrong. Most of the world’s wars and conflicts, argue Spiral Dynamic teachers, are the result of different levels fighting each other for relevance and dominance, all the while unaware of the big picture; that their viewpoint is simply a view from one point upon a spectrum of conscious awareness.

Any level above is held in great suspect and is considered irrelevant, dangerous, progressive, aloof, noncomformist, naive, etc.  Any level below is viewed as reactive, fear-based, ignorant, overly simplistic, tribal, and too dualistic.  The truth is that dualism is highly prevalent in the first tier of Spiral Dynamics because each level sees its viewpoint as the only valid point and at best tolerates other viewpoints. At worst, the desire to eradicate other viewpoints runs the show.


The second tier of Spiral Dynamics is very hard to get to.  It requires several dark nights of the soul so that one is brought down to the knees, so to speak, and invited to surrender their knowing while fully accepting their unknowing.  In other words, what made sense then no longer makes total sense now.  This kind of spiritual and psychological suffering or angst is true, in fact, for any progression up the rungs on the Spiral Dynamic ladder.  But what sets the transition from the first tier to the second tier apart is that the “lower” levels are not held in contempt anymore but rather as taken as necessary.  A “both-and” ethos really takes hold in the transition between the two tiers and this new acceptance for all viewpoints is both freeing and lonely.  Freeing because it feels good, right, and light to not have to define oneself within a particular viewpoint which always entails some sort of defensive posturing against levels below and above.  But it is also lonely because the majority of one’s friends and family will be operating in the lower tier.  You don’t make sense to them anymore even while you accept them more than ever.  You begin to realize that like Jesus, you have no real place to lay your head (home base). However, the payoff for arriving at the shore of the second tier is truly exciting because now you intuit, as Teilhard did so many decades ago, that there is an underlying unity contained in a matrix of love.  This ceases to be a head trip or belong to the realm of ideas only.  It emerges as a lived, experiential reality–as a gnosis, that is yours.

Most of the worlds religions are prominently first tier institutions even if the person(s) at their epicenters were fully second tier teachers.  It takes a lot of time for a group to grow up but for those with the eyes and heart to sense it, there are threads within each religion that lead right back to full integration with our divine source.  If a religion is doing its job right, it can lead people to unitive consciousness.  However, it is true that much of religion and religious institutions operate from early-level bandwidths (read “lower levels on Spiral Dynamics”) and so do their leaders.  The irony here is that even though religion, or re-ligio, means to “re-attach” to Truth and Source, it can often be the very thing that gets in the way.

spiritual having a human

Now back to Teilhard.  Like most religions, Christianity emerged within the middle of the first tier in Spiral Dynamics.  At the time he was alive and produced his great works, the Catholic Church was solidly “Blue.” The following is taken from an amazing website:  Here are the general characteristics of the Blue value system:

  • Values and norms, discipline, duty, regularity, and feelings of honor and guilt
  • WE versus They Thinking
  • Searching for meaning, order, routine and security
  • Self-control, discipline and loyalty to the doctrine and the rules
  • Absolute, literal and definite
  • Morality
  • Hierarchy, obedience and willing to sacrifice to a greater cause
  • Control and structures of authorities
  • Obedience based on a sense of duty and a sense of guilt
  • Organize, manage, concretize, and structure
  • Values effort and responsibility and shows discipline
  • Rules, rights and duties are significant

Teilhard was born into the Blue value system in both his culture and religion but from an early age, he intuited a bigger picture.  When he wrote about them, he was silenced by the Catholic Church and his “superiors” found him dangerous.  How lonely that must have been, but he continued to follow his vocation and blast through right on into the second tier.  His ideas were a full four levels above the general Blue-centric ideology of the Catholic Church and his French culture.  This is amazing considering that the Spiral Dynamic model contends that on a good day when a person is really centered and grounded, they can at least slightly understand the ideas of 1.5 levels above them.  They won’t stay there for long, but the rare state of feeling grounded can provide a foundation to at least acknowledge that the truth that they have lived by is much larger than they have known.

Figures like Teilhard, Cynthia Bourgeault, and Richard Rohr, are cultural and religious bridge builders between the first and second tiers of Spiral Dynamics.  See here the value system of the Yellow, the first level of the second tier:

  • Overarching view of living systems
  • View life as a chaotic organism in which change is a constant and in which insecurity is an acceptable way of living
  • Integrative structures and evolutionary streams
  • The need to develop natural living environments that support human evolution in a step-by-step and phased way
  • Integration of head, heart and gut feeling
  • Focused on both process and content
  • Moves freely in different value systems
  • Change is a constant: it’s emergent and about long-term thinking
  • “Acupunctural interventions”; small actions with a big impact
  • Personal freedom without harming others or nature
  • Thinks and acts from an inner-directed core

It is my opinion, Teilhard came into his incarnation already having achieved Yellow-level baseline consciousness in past lives.  If this last sentence is shocking to some readers, I invite you to hold it in tension without needing to throw it out.  I could be wrong, of course,  but I could also be pulling you towards the upper edge of your own level.  Bumping against that edge is always surprising at best and considered dangerous at the other end of the spectrum of reactions.

His understanding of the noosphere, in my opinion, is fairly solidly in the Turquoise level, which is the second level in the second tier of Spiral Dynamics.  See here the value system of Turquoise:

  • Synergy between all forms and forces of life
  • Surrender, acceptance and natural joy
  • Integrates instincts, intuition and cognition
  • Makes energetic connections
  • Contemplative, a clear consciousness and inner peace
  • A holistic and collective consciousness
  • Cosmic spirituality and transpersonal
  • Global perspectives are more important than local, small and specialist groups; to be a holistic whole is as important as being a part of something
  • Integration of all there is, with everything that was and everything that will be. A vision is translated into an integral approach of life and an accompanying practice

What is Teilhard’s Omega Point?

It was coined by Teilhard to describe how everything on the planet (and indeed, the universe) is moving towards a final point of unification.  He saw that the Earth processed from a geosphere to a biosphere.  Then, when creation became aware of itself through the human, a new sphere emerged called the “noosphere.”  This emergence, he explained, was like a new membrane upon the living Earth that developed as human collective thought created a kind of cognitive layer of existence.

Further, he believed that the noosphere will gain coherence over time and move towards a final stage of evolution called the Omega Point.  This process is described as “planetization” where a kind of singularity occurs and what emerges is a new planetary network–not unlike a macro nervous system–comprising a world mind.  Teilhard described the singularity nature of Omega Point as the return of Christ.

The Law of One material is the written dialog between a human team of three people and an advanced united society.

This dialog took place in the early 1980’s and consisted of 106 exchanges.  In my opinion, it is the clearest, most unveiled version of the Perennial Philosophy that I’ve ever encountered.  Moreover, it casts the widest net around all of my areas of interest including science, metaphysics, spirituality, cosmology, psychology, ufology, and the many facets of the paranormal.

If I were to locate the Law of One material on the Spiral Dynamics model, I’d put it well above the Coral level, which is the next level higher than Turquoise. The beings who transmitted the Law of One material claim to be two billion years more advanced than Earth humans.  For sake of brevity, this article does not provide an overview of the Law of One. For an exploration of this, please visit my articles, The Law of One: An Encounter, or Christianity and the Law of One. Better yet, you can read the material itself for free, here.

The Shift to Fourth Density


The Law of One material states that there is indeed a Great Shift going on.  We are moving into the fourth density with some rapidity, although our human collective consciousness is still third density.

The birthing into fourth density has been laborious and difficult and many healers and spiritual geniuses such as Teilhard have incarnated here in order to help midwife our collective consciousness into congruence with fourth density energetics.  Basically, Teilhard, and people like him, help humanity move from the conventional third density bandwidth of consciousness to a more expansive cosmic reality.

What Will the Fourth Density Be Like?

My target audience for this article is primarily those who have not encountered the Law of One material before.  I think it is appropriate here to give you a direct quote from the source of the material when they were asked to describe fourth density:


16.50 Questioner: Thank you. Is it possible for you to give a small description of the conditions [in] fourth density?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider as we speak that there are no words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves; it is a plane where one is aware of the vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.


Later, in the Law of One material, they describe that during the first stage of fourth density living, there is an effort to connect with people from all of the world and join hearts together as one.  Eventually, a whole global group soul forms. Individuation does not disappear but rather, all have access to a central spiritual, psychological, and emotional nervous system, as it were.  The social-memory-complex [1] is a natural phenomenon that occurs when societal whole-hearted living  comes online and Teilhard’s Omega Point comes to its first fruition.

One might say that fourth density and its social-memory-complex was intuited as the “New Jerusalem” (Revelations 21:1-2), the Kingdom of God about which Jesus often spoke, and the consummation of Jesus’ prayer, “May they all be one…” (John 17:21). This line of thinking shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to us, native third density humans.  Do we not speak about the “Body of Christ?”  That we all make up the different parts of the Body?

Even Carl Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious sets the conceptual framework of a future when the collective unconscious becomes the collective conscious. Furthermore, the famed “Akashic Records,”[2] is the nascent third density social memory complex that at this time in our history still remains accessible to only a few.  That is changing more and more and even if people have never heard about the Akashic Records, they are often tapping into that collective thoughtform through their own intuition.

omega point


It is my contention that the third density notion of “Church” is the seed form of fourth density’s social-memory-complex.  The Earth is indeed moving through a Great Shift and many people are shifting internally.  There is more courage to become vulnerable and do good inner work. Teachers are rising up to help us with that, especially in the conventional world. The work of Brene Brown on shame and shame resilience, Kristin Neff’s work on Self-Compassion, Richard Rohr’s work on the Universal Christ, Adyashanti’s spiritual approach which is both nondogmatic and balanced (incorporating both the transcendent and immanent qualities of good spirituality), Ken Wilber’s brilliant Integral model, Mirabai Starr and her work on the Divine Feminine, the many teachers who inform us about white privilege, the rising up of people who are saying “NO!” to sexual abuse and gender inequality, and the global awakening to all forms of critique of the prevalent patriarchal systems that have been in place for millennia.

Many, especially those connected with the Science and Nonduality conference (SAND), speak about a global awakening that is gaining great momentum.  With the Law of One material, we can find a location within the human evolution for this phenomenon.  It is the entrance of the fourth density upon Earth and it is the birthing of humanity’s social-memory-complex.  Teilhard’s Omega Point’s first song will sound when that social-memory-complex comes online.  And finally, the notion of ecclessia–or “church”–will be a living phenomenon of interpenetrating networks that connect to form one Mind, one group soul, one Body in Christ.  Christ is the Alpha (the Logos or Word in John 1:1) and Christ is the Omega when the unity and union of all things which is always eternally ontologically true simply moves from unconscious intuiting to conscious knowing, or gnosis.

For those who are very familiar with Teilhard’s work and his student’s work [3], how are you resonating with this latter part of the article?  Does the Law of One material intrigue you? Does it sound too New Age?  Is it too unbelievable?  However you resonate, that is certainly okay.  However, I’ll just invite you to consider that if it is difficult to accept, it might just be that you are glimpsing the advanced ethos and/or bandwidths that properly belong to uncharted territory on the Spiral Dynamics.

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