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BREAKING: Leaked Document “THE TORONTO PROTOCOLS“ from 1985 Reveals Deep State Agenda for the Future… And It’s Coming True

by Justin Deschamps,

An Anon posted an English translation of an alleged leaked Canadian document “The Toronto Protocols” that appears to be a Deep State manifesto by a group named “6.6.6.” It discusses plans to create an integrated network of computers (the internet), funded by entertainment and humanitarian aid, for the purpose of controlling humanity via mass distractions and “debauchery.” By all accounts, the document, at the very least, speaks to developments playing out today, suggesting other plans revealed therein might soon come to pass.

Here’s a link to the French document. And we posted the full translation below.

Click to access monast-serge-les-protocoles-de-toronto.pdf

The document speaks to aspects of the Cabal/NWO agenda, wherein it is described plans to create a one-world government and religion.

It states that this organization, through its various agents and networks, will destroy the family, through mass media, music, movies, and the destruction of spiritual values, amongst other things. This is precisely what Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, shared in writings discussing the group’s agenda.

Finally on May 1, 1776, the Illuminati (from the same root word for Lucifer, “Bearer of Light” or Enlightened Ones) was founded as a single powerful secret organization to overthrow established civilization and religion, and to establish a Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order). Weishaupt developed the following seven-fold plan as the means to arrive at that goal: 1) Abolish all ordered governments; 2) Abolish private property; 3) Abolish inheritance; 4) Abolish patriotism; 5) Abolish religion; 6) Abolish the family unit; and 7) Creation of a New World Order/World Government [emphasis added] (Griffin 1993:52). (source)

Furthermore, various individuals connected to the Bavarian Illuminati went on to play a role in the French Revolution, and later, the socialist revolutions of the 19th and 20th century.

This same group was also tied to dark occult groups such as the Sabbateans and Frankists.

The following two books, were written by a Jewish Rabbi who poured through original writings of the day, clearly demonstrating that socialist and communist organizations trace their origin to the Illuminati, which also infiltrated democratic nations centuries ago. And these groups are, in fact, front groups for dark occultists, Sabbateans and Frankists, who used the strategy of infiltration to work their way into almost every institution on earth—religious, political, government, science, and so on.

As a researcher into the occult, the Deep State, and the law, I can share with you that if you take the time to read source documents, almost everything is revealed in plain sight.

The powers that be make very plain their intentions and desires for humanity, of which, this document’s contents matches others like it, such as “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.”

Here’s a quote from that document

“The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.”

Part of the reason they reveal their plans is that they believe doing so adheres to universal laws related to manifestation.

Specifically, they were told that in order to manifest the NWO, wherein they would be able to publically reveal themselves as rulers over humanity, they have to follow a certain series of steps and methods. Sacrifice is part of this recipe, along with public disclosures of their intentions. The belief is, that if they do this, certain dark beings would shield them from universal law, raising them up as gods over the earth.

Again, as a researcher into the occult, the law, and the nature of existence itself, I would argue that they have been lied to.

The universe is most definitely maintained and founded on immutable universal laws, sourced from a benevolent infinitely intelligent Creator. But this being, the supreme intelligence that gave source to all that is, cannot be so easily thwarted. In truth, one of the deeper secrets of the Cabal is that only those who haven’t been initiated into higher secrets believe such lies—that they can be protected from divine justice by making sacrifices to a dark deity.

In truth, according to the sources I’ve encountered, the more aware spiritually-based Cabal, concocted this dark lucifer lie to deceive their underlings, so that in the end, the ones pushing this agenda would be morally culpable. Based on how the universal laws are set up, this is true. The architects of the Deep State agenda have effectively thrown their underlings under the bus, creating a system wherein we the people enslave ourselves, and the Deep State act as prison guards for the lot. The higher-order members know the deeper truth, but this is a discussion for another time.

But is this document real? Are these groups really planning this stuff? And how can be certain?

These are discernment questions often not asked because proving a claim isn’t easy. Professionals in this regard, such as investigators that work in law, wherein evidence is evaluated to support a claim is their business, would have a hard time with this too. Why? Because the nature of the claim is so grand and sweeping.

When it comes to discernment, proving or disproving a claim, one has to look at what the claim is describing, and then find evidence to support everything that is incorporated.

For instance, if I claimed my wallet had a $100 bill inside, we’d need to look in my wallet to prove this as true or false. In this instance, the nature of the claim is fairly easy, the only place we have to look is my wallet. But what if I said every wallet on earth has a $100 bill inside? Now we’d have to look inside every single wallet to really know for sure. Or maybe, we could look at a sample size of wallets—which is the method we use to prove claims that are sweeping and general.

Thus, again, the nature of the claim is what determines where we need to look. If the claim is huge, describing multiple different things, across vast spans of time, incorporating hard to prove things, like a person’s thoughts, intentions, and future actions, the claim becomes almost impossible to prove. But we don’t need to prove it with 100% evidenced-based substantiation for it to be useful.

One of the tools the pros use to discern a claim is predictive power, pragmatism.

This means, even if we can’t prove the claim as true, we can use it to see if it accurately predicts events. We can also use it to see if it explains reality in a useful way. In this regard, a document like this is very useful because it explains things we’re seeing now. That said, a map is not the territory. Just because a map is useful doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

For now, it is my opinion that this document has not been proven untrue or unreal. It has also not been proven to authentic, meaning a person in the Canadian government hasn’t come forward to put their name on the line to say it’s real. This means we can believe in it provisionally—keeping an open mind for any future evidence.

I know most people don’t go to these lengths to ferret out the validity of a claim. If you’re confused by any of this evidence assessment discussion, all you need to know is that it’s just as believable as the 9/11 false flag conspiracy.

Resting on explanatory power, pragmatism, we can ask the following questions that confirm it’s validity:

Is technology, entertainment, and mass media used to manipulate humanity? Yes.

Is a “network of computers” the main engine that drives Deep State control and power? Yes.

Have family values been systematically destroyed, replaced with values that destroy human integrity, dignity, and create crime and personal hardship? Yes, unquestionably.

Using correspondence, another tool the pros use, we can look to other documents and disclosures like it.

For example, prior to the September 11th, 2001 false flag attacks, the a document by the Project for a New American Century, which is a thinktank run by what appears to be American socialists (who are themselves a front group for Deep State groups in the US), stated in Rebuilding America’s Defenses within the section entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s, Dominant Force,”

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” (source)

What does this mean?

If you take the time to understand the context and meanings of the statements herein used, it will become clear that they are revealing aspects of the war on terror agenda for the 2000s and beyond. This “new Pearl Harbor” was 9/11, the false flag event that distorted public perception, which made people give up their rights in the name of protecting them from terrorists.

Thus, when it comes to the question of the validity of the Toronto Protocols document, again, I would say this document appears to be valid and useful in understanding the Deep State, their agenda, and why our world is the way it is.

With this knowledge in hand, you can begin, or continue, your effort to guard against destructive propaganda, technology, and social policies.

From what I can tell, the world we live in is dominated by technology, culture, and mass media that is intentionally designed to divide people, man against women, brother against brother, and so on. In my view, there’s more than enough evidence to say the Deep State is carrying out this agenda, with prejudice. And the sooner we begin to comprehend just what the agenda is, the better we can counter it in our own lives, and unite to restore freedom and prosperity once again.

Perhaps, some people have taken up the call, and have begun working to dismantle the pillars of unearned power, held by the despotic elites.

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I’ll leave you with the documents to review yourself.

What other nuggets will you find?

Can you locate evidence to support any claims?

How can we discuss this with those who are less aware to help further the great awakening?

Thanks to Digital_Renegade for preparing a searchable version of the document, posted in full below.

I used Google Translate on this document and then created a Google Doc that you can share. Here is the link to the Google Doc.

— Digital_Renegade (@Digitl_Renegade) January 14, 2020

Page 1


Fiction or bitter reality?

(Old source now invalid):


MARCH 1995


FICTION OR REALITY? Who can say? Anyway, according to some information obtained from France, but above all, to the review of events that have occurred since the twenty-last five years, it appears that the scenario described in this “Document” allows us to better understand what, until today, seemed the most incomprehensible to more than one. We deliver this entire document with, in addition, an analysis of the new conditions economic trends which, in themselves, seem more than to confirm the authenticity of this latest. End of June 1967: In Montreal, it’s Expo 67; in Ottawa, these are the final preparations for the “Centenary of the Confederation”; in the United States, it is the dispute with the Vietnam War and, across the country, “Flower Power”. We are close to the events of May 68 in France, the explosion of Nationalism in Quebec, of the Woodstock Festival in the United States … but at the same time, this end of June 1967 marks the final preparations for the development of the Plan of the “Fall of Nations” by the high authorities of Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry in Toronto (Canada).This secret meeting, highly “Confidential”, is organized by “6.6.6.” (This is how they name themselves), that is to say those who run the 6 largest banks the 6 largest energy consortia on the planet (of which oil is a part), and the 6 largest agri-food consortia (including the control of the main world food routes). These 6.6.6. being the most senior finance officials will define, within their meeting, a “Common Strategy” with a view to absolute control over “World Trade”; on the possession of the Energy Weapon (door open to the 21st century); and on international control of the food industry (which also includes, for them, pharmaceutical consortia including the market “Vitamins” and “Vaccines”).Their “plan” comes down to three major orientations: “The Economic, Political and Social for the 70s and 80s. If it succeeds, it must inevitably lead to the taking of “Power World “by the establishment of the” New World Order “; the same of which the American President George Bush will be promoting so much in the early 90s.Document title of 6.6.6 .: “PANEM AND CIRCENSES”: (Bread and Circus Games).Aim of the Global Project: The “Genocide of the Vital for the Profit of the Profitable Occult”. Means of Financing the Project: Among other things, using Humanitarian Aid, Aid International Food in order to finance the “Multinationals” of 6.6.6.THE DOCUMENT: [All the historical periods which led to the decay of civilizations were all marked, without exception, by “L’Esprit d’Errance des Hommes”. Today, we must ensure that this “Spirit” translates into a “World Leisure Society” under all its forms. This “Leisure” must consist of [Sex], [Drugs], [Sport], [Travel / Exoticism], and [Leisure] in general, but accessible to all layers of the Society. Man must come to believe that he is “Modern”, and that his modernity is composed of his ability, and his possibility of being able to enjoy widely, and now all that surrounds. To achieve this objective, it is imperative to be able to infiltrate the Media (Radio, Television,

Page 2

Newspapers), circles of “Fashion” and “Culture” (circles of New Music) by which we will undoubtedly influence all strata of Western Societies. So in keeping youth (the adults of tomorrow) under the thumb of the “Senses”, we will have therefore the free way to infiltrate, and transform in depth, without being worried, the Politics, Legal System and Education; which will allow us to deeply modify the course, the future direction of the Companies targeted by our “Plan”. People, we know, have no historical memory. They tirelessly repeat the mistakes of the past without realizing that these same mistakes had led their fathers, before them, the same downfall that they will experience in worse before the end of this century. See, by example, what their grandfathers experienced at the beginning of this century thanks to the hard work of our predecessors. After having known, without limits, the liberation of manners, the abolition of morals (in other words, wandering of the mind), they experienced the “Economic Crisis”, then the “War”. Today their grandchildren and their children are heading straight for an outcome similar, even worse because this time, it will finally allow us to set up our “New World Order “without any of them being able to notice it, too preoccupied that they will all be excessively satisfying their most primary sensual needs. A general “Standard” more than important, and which has already proven itself at the beginning of this present century in the construction, and the establishment of the [Communist System] by the late Highs Officers of our lodges, is the profitability of the “Exception”. In principle, we know, the Exception proves the General Rule which is contrary to it. But in our vocabulary, the Exception is what which should be imposed on everyone. We have to make sure to make “Exceptions” indifferent spheres of the Society, as to be new general “Rules” applicable to all, a primary objective of all future social protests carried out by the Youth of Nations. Thus the Exception will become the detonator by which all of historic society will collapse on itself in unprecedented breathlessness and confusion. The foundations of the “Western Society”, in their essence, come straight from, the Judeo-Christian heritage. It is precisely this same heritage that made the “Family”, the “Knot”, the “Cornerstone” of the entire current social structure. Our predecessors who had funded the revolutionary writers of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century had understood the importance of splitting, then exploding this “vital nucleus” if they wanted, Russia, succeed in setting up the new “Communist System” of the time. And this is precisely what they did by having minutely produced by the philosophers and the non-conformist writers of the time: “A Manifesto to the glory of the God-State”; this one having absolute primacy over the individual, over the “Family”. To lead with certainty to the construction of a World Government, [A New Order World Community] where all individuals, without exception, will be subject to the “World State” of the “New Order”, we must, first of all, make the “Family” disappear (which will, at the same time, the disappearance of ancestral religious teachings), and second, to level all the individuals by making disappear the “Social Classes”, in particular, the “Middle Classes”. But we have to do it in such a way that all of these changes appear to be from popular will; that they have the appearance of the democracy”. Using isolated cases, but amplifying them to the extreme with the help of challenges students drowned by us, journalists who support our cause and politicians purchased, we will succeed in setting up new Organizations having all the appearances of “Modernity”, such as a “Child Protection Bureau” protected by a “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. For the success of our “Global Plan: [The Red Plan]”, we must have implanted in all Western Societies of the 70’s, “Offices for Child Protection”

Page 3

Including civil servants (young intellectuals without experience, fresh out of universities where our globalist principles are highlighted), will enforce to the letter, without discernment, the “Charter of the Rights of the Child”. Who will dare to oppose this without at the same time to be identified with the barbarities of the Middle Ages? This “Charter” laboriously developed in our “Lodges”, will finally allow us to reduce to nullify all parental authority by breaking up the family into fiercely opposed individuals to each other for the protection of their personal interests. It will encourage children to denounce parents who are too authoritarian because they are too traditional, too religious. She will thus contribute to subjecting parents to a “Collective Psychosis of Fear”; what will inevitably cause, in general in society, a relaxation of parental authority. Thus we will have succeeded, at first, in producing a society similar to that of Russia in the 1950s, when children denounced their parents to the state, and that without anyone noticing. By thus transferring to the State the “Parental Role”, it will be easier for us, thereafter, to us monopolize, one by one, all the responsibilities that had hitherto been the responsibility of exclusive of parents. This is how we can make everyone consider it a child abuse, traditional religious teaching of Judeo-Christian origin. At the same time, but on another level, we will have the highest laws of Nations, that all Religions, Cults and Religious Practices of all kinds, including “Witchcraft and Magic” must all be respected in the same way as each other’s. It will then be disconcertingly easy to transfer this role of the State in relation to children at the highest international bodies, such as the United Nations. Let’s understand this: “Our goal is not to protect children or anyone else, but to cause the breakup, then the fall of the Nations which are a major obstacle to the establishment of our “New World Order”. This is the reason why the “Offices of Child Protection “must have absolute legal authority. They must be measure, as they see fit, but always on the pretext of protecting the child, to be able to remove them from their original family backgrounds, and place them in foreign family or government centers already committed to our globalist principles and a-religious. Consequently, the final breakdown of the “Family Unit” will thus be completed. Occidental “. Because without the protection and supervision of their original parents, these children may thus be permanently handicapped in their psychological and moral development, and represent, by natural consequence, prey easily adaptable to our aims globalists. For the assured success of such an enterprise, it is essential that the civil servants working in these “Offices” in the service of the State, are young, without past experience, imbued with theories that we know are empty and ineffective, and most importantly, are obsessed with the mind missionary of great protectors of threatened children. Because for them, all parents must represent potential criminals, potential dangers to the well-being of the child here considered to be a “God”. A “Child Protection Bureau” and a “Children’s Rights Charter” have no reason to be without threatened children. In addition, the exceptions and historical examples used for their establishment would, sooner or later, disappear if they were not constantly fueled by new cases occurring on an ongoing basis. In this sense, we must infiltrate the Nations “Education System” to make it disappear, under the cover of the “Modernity” and “Evolution”, the teaching of Religion, History, Goodness while diluting, at the same time, under an avalanche of new experiments in the field of Education, that of language and mathematics. In this way, by removing from the young generations, all moral basis and all boundaries, all knowledge of the past (therefore all national pride), therefore all respect for others, all power through knowledge of language and science (so on reality), we will contribute

Page 4

to create a youth largely disposed to all forms of delinquency. In this new universe fragmented by the fear of parents, and their abandonment of all responsibility for their children, we will have the free way to train, in our own way and according to our primary objectives, a youth where arrogance, contempt, humiliation of others will be considered as the new bases of “Self-affirmation” and “Freedom”. But we know, from past experience, that a similar youth is already condemned to self-destruction because it is inherently “Individualist”, therefore “Anarchist” by definition. In this sense, it can in no way represent a solid base for the continuity of any society whatsoever, and even less a safe bet for taking in charge of his old people. At the same time, it is also imperative to create a “Charter of Rights and Freedoms Individuals “, and” Citizen Protection Offices “by making the masses shimmer that these innovations are an integral part of the “Modernity” of the “New Societies” of the XX ° century. In the same way, and at the same time, but on another level, to make vote new laws for “Respect and Individual Freedom”. As in the case of the “Family”, but in terms of the “Society”, these Laws will conflict with the Rights of the Community, thus leading to target companies, right to self-destruction. Because here, the inversion is total: “It is no longer the society (the right of the majority) which must be protected against individuals who may threaten it, but rather (the Right of the Individual) which must be protected against possible threats of the majority “. This is the goal we have set for ourselves. To complete the break-up of the family, of the education system, and therefore of society in general, he is essential to encourage “Sexual Freedom” at all levels of Western Society. He must reduce the individual, therefore the masses, to the obsession to satisfy their primary instincts by all possible means. We know that this step represents the culmination by which any Society will eventually collapse on its own. Was it not so with the Roman Empire at its peak, and of all similar civilizations throughout history? By scientists and laboratories funded by our Lodges, we managed to develop a chemical process that will revolutionize all Western Societies, and will relegate to oblivion forever, the moral and religious principles Judeo-Christians. This procedure, in pill form, will pave the way for “Sexual Freedom” without consequences, and will push the “Women” of Nations to want to break with what will then be perceived as the yoke of the past (the slavery of women subjected to the man and the family traditional Judeo-Christian).Formerly “Center and pivot of the family unit”, the modern woman, now as an individual independent, will want to break with his traditional role, detach from the family, and lead his life according to his own personal aspirations. Nothing more natural, we know, but where we will intervene strongly, it will infiltrate all the new “Protest Movements Feminist “by pushing their logic to its extreme limits of consequence. And those limits are already part of the final breakup of the traditional family and of Society Judeo-Christian. This “Sexual Liberation” will be the ultimate means by which we will be able to do disappear from “Popular Consciousness” any reference to “Good and Evil”. The collapse of this religious and moral barrier will allow us to complete the process of false “Liberation of Man from his Past”, but which, in reality, is a form of slavery which will beneficial to our “Global Plans”. This open door for the encouragement to “Sexual Freedom”, to “Divorce”, to “Abortion” upon request, legal recognition of various forms of homosexuality will help us to modify in depth the historical bases of the “Legal Law” of Companies. She will be an asset major to push all individuals to a general relaxation of morals; for dividing individuals from one another, according to their own instincts and interests; to destroy the future of youth by pushing them to the harmful experiences of sexuality early and abortion; and to morally break future generations by pushing them to

Page 5

alcoholism, various drugs (including our senior officers of the International Lodges will take control of it worldwide), and suicide (the latter considered by a disillusioned and abandoned youth, as being a chivalrous end).Let us disappoint the youth of Nations by showing them their parents as being irresponsible, irreligious, immoral; seeking, ultimately, only pleasure, escape and satisfaction unrestrained instincts at the cost of lying, hypocrisy and betrayal. Let’s do divorce and abortion a new social custom accepted by all. So let’s push it to crime in all its forms, and to take refuge in separate groups, beyond the reach of family environment which she will inevitably perceive as being a threat to her own survival. The social fabric being thus upset forever, it will be then possible for us to act on the Politics and Economics of Nations in order to submit them to our mercy; to come to forcibly accept our Plans for a New World Order. Because, it must be admitted, the Nations, deprived that they will then be able to count on a strong youth, on a Society where the individuals, gathered around a common ideal, reinforced by unwavering moral ramparts, could have given it its historic support, can only surrender to our global will. So we can then inaugurate what was so much announced by our past creations: “The communist system which prophesied a world revolution set in motion by all rejected from the earth “, and the” Nazism by which we announced a New World Order for 1000 years “. This is our ultimate goal; the rewarded work of all the valiant dead in the labor for its accomplishment for centuries. Let us say it loud and clear: “All the Brothers of Lodges passed, dead in anonymity for the realization of this Ideal that we have now possible to touch with your fingertips. ”It is well recognized by all that Man, once having satisfied his primary needs (food, clothing and shelter), is much more likely to be less vigilant. Allow him to put your conscience to sleep while orienting your mind as you please by creating pure pieces of it, favorable economic conditions. So during this period of the 1970s when our Agents will infiltrate everywhere in the different spheres of the Company to make our new standards in Education, Legal, Social and Political, we will ensure spread around him an economic climate of confidence. Work for all; the opening of Credit for All; Leisure for all will be our tandems for the illusory creation of a new social class: “the Middle Class”. Because once our objectives achieved, this “Class” in the middle, located between the poor secular, and us the rich, we will make it disappear by definitively cutting off all means of survival. In this sense, we will make Nation-States, the new “Parents” of individuals. Through this climate of confidence where our “International Agents” will have done everything necessary to rule out all specter of world war, we will encourage “Centralization” excessively for the State. Of this way, individuals can acquire the impression of total freedom to explore while the legendary burden of personal responsibilities is transferred to the state. This is how we will be able to vertiginously increase the burden of the State by multiplying without limit any mass of civil servants-intellectuals. Insured for years in advance of material security, these will therefore be perfect “Government Power” performers; in other words, of our “Power”. Thus creating an impressive mass of civil servants who alone will form (a Government in government), regardless of which political party will then be in power. This anonymous machine will be able to leverage us one day, when the time is right, to accelerate the economic collapse of Nation States; because they will not be able to indefinitely bear such a large payroll without having to go into debt beyond their means. On the other hand, this same machine which will give a cold and insensitive image of the device government; this complex machine and how useless in many of its functions, will serve as a screen and protection against populations. Because who will dare to venture to

Page 6

through the mazes of such a labyrinth in order to assert his personal grievances? Also during this period of general stunning, we will also take this opportunity to buy or eliminate, according to the needs of the moment, all company directors, heads of large State bodies, Scientific Research Centers whose action and efficiency would risk giving too much power to nation states. You absolutely must not that the state becomes an independent force in itself that might escape us, and to endanger our ancestral “Plans”. We will also ensure that we have absolute control over all the supranational structures of Nations. These international organizations must be placed under our absolute jurisdiction. In the same vein, and to guarantee the profitability of our influence with the populations, we will have to control all the Information Media. Our Banks will therefore see to not finance than those who favor us while they oversee the closure of the most recalcitrant. This should in principle go almost unnoticed in populations, absorbed that they will be driven by their need to make more money, and to be entertained. We will have to take care of finalizing, right now, the phase of de-regionalization of rural areas started at the beginning of the “Economic Crisis” of 1929. Overcrowding the cities was our tandem of the “Industrial Revolution”. Rural owners, by their independence economic, their capacity to produce the basis of the food of the States, is a threat for us, and our Future Plans. Crowded into cities, they will be more dependent on our industries to survive. We cannot allow the existence of groups independent of our “Power”. Therefore eliminate the landowners by making them obedient slaves of the Industries being under our control. As for the others, let them organize themselves in Agricultural Cooperatives that our Agents will infiltrate to better orient them according to our future priorities. Across the state, let us focus on highlighting the compulsory “Respect” for diversity “Cultures”, “Peoples”, “Religions”, “Ethnicity’s” which are all means, for us, to put “Individual Freedom” before the notion of “National Unity”; what we will better divide the populations of the Nation-States, and thus weaken them in their authority, and in their ability to maneuver. Pushed to these extreme limits, but in terms international, this concept, in the future, will push the ethnic groups of the different Nations to group together to claim, individually, each their own share of “Power”; what will finish ruining the Nations, and will cause them to explode in endless wars. When the nation-states are thus weakened by so many internal struggles, all based on recognition of “Minority Rights” to their Independence; that divided nationalists in different cultural and religious factions will blindly oppose in struggles without outcome; that youth will have completely lost touch with their roots; then we can serve the United Nations to begin to impose our New World Order. Besides, at this stage, the “Humanitarian, Social and Historical Ideals” of the Nation-States will have long since erupted under the pressure of internal divisions.]End of Document 6.6.6. dated late June 1967.Eighteen years later, (6.6.6.) In time, another important meeting was held in Canada. The Group of 6.6.6. meets again in Toronto at the end of June 1985, but this time in order to finalize the last stages which should lead to, and on the fall of the United Nations, and on the seizure of International Power by the United Nations. DOCUMENT: “L’AURORE ROUGE” Document title of 6.6.6 .: L’AURORE ROUGE. Goal of the Globalist Project: ESTABLISHMENT OF THE WORLD OCCULT

Page 7

Means of Financing the Project: Control of the IMF, GATT, the Commission of Brussels, NATO, the UN and others international organizations.[The last eighteen years have been very profitable for the advancement of our projects world. I can tell you, Brothers, that we are now almost reaching the goal. The fall of the Nation-States is only a matter of time, quite short, must I confess to you in all trust. Thanks to our Undercover Agents and our colossal financial means, progress without precedents have now been accomplished in all areas of Science and Technology over which we control the largest corporations. Since the secret meetings with M. de Rotchild in the 56s, which aimed to reveal point development, and the global establishment of “Computers”, it is now possible to glimpse the establishment of a kind of “International Motorway” where all these machines would be linked together. Because, as you already know, direct control and individual populations of the planet, would be at least totally impossible without the use of Computers, and their electronic connection with each other in one vast “World Network”. These machines also have the advantage of being able to replace millions of individuals. Moreover, they have no conscience or moral whatsoever; which is essential for the success of a project like ours. Above all, these machines accomplish, without arguing, all that is theirs dictated. They are perfect slaves of which our predecessors dreamed so much, but without them would have been able to suspect that one day we could do such a miracle. These machines without homeland, without color, without religion, without political affiliation, are the ultimate fulfillment and tool of our New World Order. They are the “cornerstone”! The organization of these machines in a vast “World Network” of which we will control the levers superiors, we will use to immobilize the populations. How? ‘Or’ What? As you know, the basic structure of our New World Order is composed, in its essence, of a multitude of diverse “Networks” each covering all the spheres of human activity across the globe. To date, all of these “Networks” were linked together by a common ideological basis: that of Man as the “Center” and the “Ultimate Achievement” of the Universe. Thus, thanks to all these “Networks” united by the link of the “New Religion of Man for Man “, we were able to easily infiltrate all human sectors in all countries Westerners, and modify the “Judeo-Christian” base. The result is that today, this Man, let him be part of Politics, Economics, Social, Education, Scientific or Religious, has already, since our last Meeting in late June 67, abandoned its past heritage to replace it with our ideal of a World Religion based solely on the man. Cut off as it is from its historical roots, this Man no longer waits, in the end, that a new ideology be proposed to him. This, of course, is ours; that of the “Global Community Village” of which it will be the “Center”. And this is precisely what we will bring him by encouraging him to be part, “Body and Soul”, of this “Network World Electronics “where the borders of Nation-States will have been forever abolished, wiped out to their deepest roots. While this lost man will be absorbed by his blind enthusiasm to be part of his new “World Community” by being part of this vast “Computer Network”, for our account, we will see, from the upper levers that will be hidden from it, to file it, identify it, account for it, and make it profitable according to our own objectives. Because inside this “New Global Society”, no individual with the potential to “Profitability” for us cannot escape us. The constant contribution of “Technology Electronics “will have to ensure all the means to file, identify, and control all individuals from Western populations. As for those who will not represent any “Profitability

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Exploitable “by us, we will see that they eliminate themselves through all local internal wars that we will have taken care to break out here and there having served us, and of the “Fall of the Economy” of the Nation-States, and of the “Oppositions and Claims” of various groups making up these same states. Here is the detailed way in which we will proceed by 1998 to pave the way for the birth of our “World Government”.1. – Increase the “Leisure Society” which has been so profitable for us to date. By using the invention of the “Video” that we funded, and the games attached to it, let’s finish pervert the morality of youth. Let’s give him the opportunity to satisfy all of his instincts. A being possessed by its senses, and slave to these, we know, has neither ideal nor inner strength to defend anything. He is an “Individualist” by nature, and represents a perfect candidate that we can easily model according to our desires and our priorities. Besides, remember how easily our predecessors were able to guide the whole German youth at the beginning of the century by using the latter’s disillusionment! 2. – Encourage “Student Contestation” for all causes related to “Ecology”. The mandatory protection of the latter will be a major asset the day we have pushed Nation-States to exchange their “Internal Debt” for the loss of 33% of all their territories remained in the wild. 3. – Let’s fill the inner void of this youth by initiating them, from a very young age, into the universe computers. Let’s use its education system for this. A slave in the service of another slave that we control.4. – On another level, let’s establish “Free International Trade” as a priority absolute for the economic survival of Nation-States. This new economic concept will help us to accelerate the decline of “Nationalists” of all Nations; to isolate them into factions diverse, and when appropriate, fiercely pitting them against each other in wars intestines that will finish ruining these Nations.5. – To ensure the success of such an endeavor at all costs, let our Agents already infiltrated into the Ministries of Intergovernmental Affairs and Immigration of Nation-States have the Laws of these Ministries changed in depth. These modifications will essentially aim to open the doors of western countries to an increasing immigration more massive within their borders (immigration that we will have elsewhere provoked by having taken care to burst, here and there, new local conflicts). By Press campaigns well-orchestrated in the public opinion of the targeted Nation-States, we will cause them a large influx of refugees which will have the effect of destabilizing their domestic economy, and to increase racial tensions within their territory. We will see to it that groups of foreign extremists are part of these influxes of immigrants; which will facilitate political, economic and social destabilization of the Nations concerned.6. – This “Free Trade” which, in reality, is not one because it is already controlled by us at the most at the top of the economic hierarchy, let’s infiltrate it into “Three Side Commissions”: [that of Asia, that of America, that of Europe]. It will bring us discord within the United Nations by the rise in unemployment linked to the restructuring of our Multinationals.7. – Let’s transfer slowly, but surely, our multinationals to new countries acquired in the idea of ​​”Market Economy”, such as the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and China by example. We don’t care, for now, whether or not their population represents a large pool of new consumers. What interests us is having access, first of all, to a “Labor-Slave” (inexpensive and non-unionized) offered by these countries and those of the third-world. Besides, aren’t their governments put in place by us? Do not they do not call for foreign aid, and for loans from our “International Monetary Fund” and our “World Bank” ? These transfers offer several advantages for us. They contribute to maintain these new populations in the illusion of an “Economic Liberation”, of a “Political Freedom” when in reality, we will dominate them by the appetite for gain and an

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indebtedness which they will never be able to discharge. As for the Western populations, they will be nurtured in the dream of [Economic Well-Being] because the products imported from these countries will not undergo any price increase. On the other hand, without them noticing it at the start, moreover in addition to industries will be forced to close because of the transfers that we will have performed outside western countries. These closings will increase unemployment, and will bring significant revenue losses for Nation States.8. – Thus we will set up a “Global Economy” on a world scale which will escape totally in control of the Nation-States. This new economy will be above everything; no political or trade union pressure can have power over it. She will dictate her own “World Policies”, and will require political reorganization, but according to our global priorities.9. – By this “Independent Economy” having Laws only our Laws, we will establish a “World Mass Culture”. By international control of Television, Media, we will institute a “New Culture”, but leveled, uniform for all, without any “Creation” future does not escape us. Future artists will be in our image or will not be able to survive. So ended this time when “Independent Cultural Creations” put everything moment in danger our globalist projects as was so often the case in the past.10. – By this same economy, we will then be able to use the military forces Nation-States (such as those of the United States) for humanitarian purposes. In reality, these “Forces” will serve us to subject recalcitrant countries to our will. So the countries of Third World and others like them will not be able to escape our willingness to use our population as slave labor.11. – To control the world market, we will have to divert productivity from its goal first (free man from the hard work). We will orient it according to the return against man by enslaving him to our economic system where he will have no choice to become our slave, and even a future criminal.12. – All these transfers abroad from our Multinationals, and the global reorganization of the economy will aim, among other things, to increase unemployment in western countries. This situation will be all the more feasible because at the start, we will have privileged the massive importation of basic products within Nation-States and, at the same time, we will have overloaded these States by the excessive employment of their population in the production of services they will no longer be able to pay for. These extreme conditions will multiply by millions masses of welfare recipients of all kinds, illiterate, homeless.13. – By the loss of millions of jobs in the primary sector; in the escapes disguised as foreign capital outside the Nation-States, it will thus be possible for us to danger of death social harmony by the specter of civil war.14. – These international manipulations of the governments and populations of the Nation-States will provide us with the excuse to use our IMF to push western governments to set up “Austerity Budgets” under the cover of the illusory reduction of their “National Debt”; hypothetical conservation of their “International Credit Score”; of the impossible preservation of “Social Peace”.15. – By these “Emergency Budget Measures”, we will thus break the financing of the States Nations for all their “Mega Projects” which represent a direct threat to our control world economy.16. – Besides, all these austerity measures will allow us to break national wills modern structures in the fields of Energy, Agriculture, Transport and New technologies.17. – These same measures will offer us the perfect opportunity to establish our “Ideology of Economic Competition “. This will result, within the Nation-States, by the reduction

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voluntary wages, voluntary departures with [Award of Medals for Services made]; which will open the doors to the introduction of our “Technology of Control “. In this perspective, all these departures will be replaced by” Computers “a tour service.18. – These social transformations will help us to radically change the workforce “Police and Military” of the Nation-States. Under the pretext of the needs of the moment, and without arouse suspicion, we will get rid of all individuals with a “Judeo-Christian Consciousness”. This “Restructuring of the Police and Military Corps “will allow us to dismiss without objection, the older staff, as well as all the elements not conveying our globalist principles. These will be replaced by young recruits devoid of “Consciousness and Morality”, and already all trained, and favorable to use inconsiderate of our “Electronic Network Technology”.19. – At the same time, and always under the pretext of “Budget Cuts”, we ensure the transfer of military bases from Nation-States to the Organization of Nations-United.20. – In this perspective, we will work on the reorganization of the “International Mandate of United Nations “. From” Peace Force “without decision-making power, we will lead it to become a “Intervention Force” where the military forces of the United States will be based, in a homogeneous whole Nations. This will allow us to carry out, without a fight, the demilitarization of all these states of so that none of them will be powerful enough in the future(independent) to question our “World Power”.21. – To accelerate this transfer process, we will involve the current force of the Nations-United in conflicts that cannot be resolved. In this way, and with the help of the Media that we control, we will show the populations the impotence and the uselessness of this “Force” in its current form. Frustration helping, and pushing to its climax when the time comes, will push the people of the Nation-States to beg the international authorities to form such a “Multi-National Force” at the earliest in order to protect “Peace” at all costs.22. – The imminent appearance of this worldwide desire for a “Multi-National Military Force” will go together with the establishment, within the Nation-States, of a “Multi- Intervention Force Jurisdictional “. This combination of” Police and Military Staff “, created from pretext for the increase in the growing political and social instability inside these States crumbling under the burden of economic problems, will allow us to better control western populations. Here, the excessive use of identification and filing electronic of individuals will provide us with comprehensive surveillance of all populationsreferred.23. – This internal and external police and military reorganization of the Nation-States will make it possible to converge everything towards the obligation of setting up a “World Center This “Center” will allow the various “Police Forces of the Nation-States” to have quick access to “Databases” on all potentially dangerous individuals for us on the planet. The image of better judicial efficiency, and the growing links created and maintained with the “Military”, will help us to highlight the need for a “International Tribunal” coupled with a “Global Judicial System”; one for civil matters and individual criminals, and the other for the Nations.24. – During the growth accepted by all of these new necessities, it will be imperative for us to complete global gun control within the earliest territories of the Nation-States. To do this, we will accelerate the “ALPHA PLAN” implemented at during the 60s by some of our predecessors. This “Plan” originally had two objectives which have remained the same today: Through the intervention of “Crazy Snipers”, create a climate of insecurity in the populations to lead to tighter control of firearms. Direct acts of violence so that extremists bear responsibility religious, or people affiliated with religious allegiances of “Traditional” tendency, or people claiming to have privileged communications with God. Today, in order to speed up this “Gun Control”, we will be able to use the “Fall of

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Economic Conditions “of the Nation-States which will bring with it, destabilization complete Social; therefore increased violence. I don’t need to call you back, or demonstrate to you, Brothers, the foundations of this “Control” of firearms. Without it, it would become almost impossible for us to bring the populations of the targeted states to their knees. Remember how successfully our predecessors were able to control Germany in 1930 with the new “Laws” implemented at the time; Laws on which are based the current Laws of the Nation-States for this same control.25. – The last “Steps” relate to the “OMEGA PHASE” experienced from experiments carried out at the beginning of the 1970s. They include the application, worldwide, “Electro-Magnetic Weapons”. “Climate Change” causing the destruction of crops; bankruptcy under these conditions, agricultural land; denaturation, by artificial means; everyday food products; poisoning the nature by an exaggerated and reckless exploitation, and the massive use of products chemicals in agriculture; all this, Brothers, will lead to the assured ruin of industries Food of the Nation-States. The future of the “Population Control” of these States is passing necessarily by absolute control, by us, of food production at scale world, and by taking control of the main “Food Routes” on the planet. For this do, it is necessary to use Electro-Magnetics, among other things, to destabilize climates of the most productive states on the agricultural level. As for the poisoning of nature, it will be all the more accelerated as the increase in populations will push it there without restriction.26. – The use of Electro-Magnetics to cause “Earthquakes” in the most important industrial regions of the Nation States will help accelerate the “Fall Economic “of the most threatening states for us; as well as to amplify the obligation of establishment of our New World Order.27. – Who can suspect us? Who will be able to suspect the means used? Those who dare stand against us by disseminating information about the existence and content of our “Conspiracy”, will become suspect in the eyes of the authorities of their Nation and their population. Thanks to misinformation, lies, hypocrisy and individualism that we have created among the peoples of Nation States, Man has become an Enemy for Man. So these “Independent Individuals” who are most dangerous for us precisely because of their “Freedom”, will be considered by their fellow men as enemies and not liberators. Child slavery, looting of Third World riches, unemployment, propaganda for the liberation of drugs, the stupefaction of the youth of the Nations, the ideology of “Respect for Individual Liberty” spread within the Judeo-Christian Churches and within the Nation-States, obscurantism considered as a basis of pride, the inter-ethnic conflicts, and our latest achievement: “Budget Restrictions”; all of this finally allows us to see the ancestral fulfillment of our “Dream”: that of the establishment of our “NEW WORLD ORDER”.]End of End Document June 1985.CONCLUSION…So, the “TORONTO PROTOCOL (6.6.6.)”, Myth or reality? It would be like asking if “The Best of Worlds” is also a myth or a reality even if it is a novel. However, its author also had access to period “Documents” to create it. His author was well aware that the revelation, the dissemination of the information he possessed, but under another form than that of the novel, would have aroused in the populations, much more distrust than acceptance. And how many other authors, too, had to use the same ploy to warn their contemporaries, and future generations? So, the “TORONTO PROTOCOL (6.6.6.)”, Myth or reality? The urgency of the current situation, that generated by the beginning of the “Budget Restrictions” which marks the beginning of the end, the close realization of the “New Occult World Order”, did not allow writing a novel (which would have taken too long in the context present).

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But the impact caused as regards the revelation of these “Documents” is still significant because their publication will have the effect of placing those who are at the origin of it on the defensive. What is desired here is that beyond the disinformation conveyed, and maintained by unscrupulous politicians, and by fearful people facing the possibility of losing interest personal, each reader can reflect, group with others similar to him, and now take the means to survive in the face of what is coming. Even if my life is in danger because of the dissemination of information like this, yours is even more so by the ignorance of this same information. So, the “TORONTO PROTOCOL (6.6.6.)”, Myth or reality? It’s up to you …It is up to you to see, in recent past and future events, whether these “Documents” belong to the realm of fiction or reality. It’s up to you to realize that fear has no other object than to paralyze you, and to place yourself in the thank you for those who only want to control you to better enslave you according to their interests which, in the end, are not yours. So, the “TORONTO PROTOCOL (6.6.6.)”, Myth or reality? Serge Monast/ Investigative Journalist / End March 199

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