President Donald Trump has made it a priority to create the sixth branch of the military to combat threats in space.

It is penned to be established next year and that aim was given a boost this month when the House of Representatives approved a £562bn bill which included plans for the Space Force in it.

But there are those in the conspiracy world that believe the Space Force has been in existence for years, secretly testing alien tech and transforming it into military craft for the US Air Force.

Blake and Brent Cousins, of YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon , believe one such craft was the USS Nimitz UFO.

The UFO – which has been officially identified as an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by the US Navy – was described by two witnesses as somehow dropping from heights of 20,000ft to just above sea level in a matter of seconds.

It then shot off at speeds never seen before and hasn’t been spotted since.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Blake said: “In my opinion, the tic-tac and that technology we have in our assets and they’re just not letting anyone know it’s in their assets.

US Navy Patent US10144532B2, Anti-Gravity Flying Triangle (UFO)

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“They have this in their archive – it’s reverse-engineered from alien tech but we’ve had it 30/40 years.”

He claimed to this site that pilots “for 30/40 years have seen it” as well as himself and passengers on commercial airliners.

“The tic-tac will be revealed to the public,” he continued.

“Will that be in 2020 when the Space Force is made public? I have a feeling it might.

“I think the technology is being utilised by the Space Force and they know it.

“I have a feeling the whole Space Force programm is using extraterrestrial technology that’s been around for a long time.”

Blake’s brother Brent previously told this site he believes the US Navy purposely identified the object as a UAP, so as to put other countries off the scent of its top-secret technology.

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