Orgone Generator

A orgone generator explained

The how and why of the pyramids made here:
In the pyramids made here, my reader will see three ‘levels’: the first is the copper coil, then there is the crystal grid/metal in the center, and finally we have the capstone.


Let’s begin by looking at the copper coil, what it is and what it does. Now, as soon as one adds a copper coil, one like mine, or one that is plain, or even a Tiskelion – of any cubit dimension – into a resin matrix, as I’m sure, most are doing on these listings, one is creating an electronic device. The purpose of this device is to attract EMFs, which it then splits into good and bad ions – Anions and Cations. Yes, the coil is a ‘splitter’ and it has two aspects – a head and a tail, or a male and a female, a clockwise and an anti-clockwise aspect, and that is self-evident at first glance. However, a deal of caution needs to be exercised here, as we are now dealing with an electronic device that has the capacity to be detrimental, as well as beneficial. With the Tesla coil: EMFs are attracted to it like iron filings to a magnet. They enter the coil via the two ends, and, literally, are set on a collision course with each other, gaining velocity as they spiral their way to the coil’s dead centre. When the two lots of incoming EMFs clash in the centre of the coil, it causes the EMFs to ‘split’, or transmute into its basic components: Anions and Cations; Anions spraying out the clockwise aspect and cations out the counter-clockwise aspect of the coil, much like one sees in photos of the Milky Way and other galaxies. This is how the Tesla coil, like the Milky Way, effects energy transference and it is extremely important, because one definitely does not want to find one’s self facing an anti-clockwise coil, or one is being constantly sprayed with Cations/positive ions/the bad guys. The only exception to this is if one has a DT crystal employed in conjunction with the coil, and we’ll go into the properties of a DT crystal soon.

Next comes the central, crystal flower-grid and grids need little explanation, after all, grids were the original Orgone generators. Even a ring of stones invokes a particular kind of energy, especially when charged with intent. The crystal grids in my pyramids are a filter for the Cations being sent upwards, and they can also be charged with the intent of their owner, from where the intent will be carried upward and outward, after being purified in the DT crystal in the apex. Nothing negative will be emitted by the DT crystal.

Finally, we come to the DT crystal in the apex of the pyramids made here. Unlike the copper coil, which is a ‘splitter’- splitting EMFs into Anions and Cations – a DT crystal is a receiver and a transmitter. It receives from its receiving terminal, stores and purifies what it receives, and transmits the contents from its transmitting terminal as Anions. Clear quartz crystal is solidified light with all the healing, growth and purifying power of light. It is for this reason that clear quartz is so ubiquitous in the earth: it rids the earth of unwanted energies, which it is constantly receiving, purifying and emitting as Anions. It is for the same reason that the DT quartz is used in the apex of my pyramids. Cations being given off from the Tesla coil are sent through the flower-grid and then through the DT quartz to be converted into Anions. Moreover, the very shape of the pyramid itself draws in energy from its surroundings, which includes people in those surroundings, and that energy is also sent through the DT quartz for purification.
The pyramids being made here are presently utilizing this knowledge: the copper coil is placed anti-clockwise into the pyramid, so that the spray of Cations is being directed internally. The geometry of the pyramid shape forces the Cations to travel through the grid where they get their first filter, on to the DT quartz at the tip. Vertical copper coils might look good in a pyramid or a cone, but perform little function in Orgone devices, and the ones at the tip of the pyramids made here are no exception. The copper coils at the tips of these pyramids are basically just a means to hold the all-important DT quartz. The DT quartz has been placed into the tip, transmitting terminal facing outwards, facilitated by divining with a pendulum. As a result, whether facing the bottom of a pyramid made here, or the top, one is receiving vast sprays of Anions; Cations have been eliminated altogether. This can be very important if one lives in an upper storey dwelling, for with the wrong coil configuration, one could very well be spraying everything, and I mean everything under the base of the pyramid with Cations, including everyone downstairs. A resin device with a coil can actually be quite dangerous if used incorrectly, and please do not try the ideas expressed here with a conical device, instead of a pyramid, as it will simply leak energy straight out the sides before it even gets to the top; it’s the Sacred Geometry of the pyramid shape that harnesses the energy in place. I now understand why I was brought to the configuration I use: this set-up in a pyramid – correctly used – will create the most benign and beneficial energy that can possibly be produced by a resin device.

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