Constitutional Changes

Canadian Constitutional Changes

So here we are 150 years old

It’s time to create our Love Land

Changes that I feel need to be done before it’s too late. This is what I propose. Happy 150 Canada

1 – Acquire enough gold to back up our dollar

2 – Remove corporate lobbying

3 – Move from Wheat and Industrial farming to Organic farming and Hemp.

4 – Institute strict environmental laws from corporate to personal citizens nobody is exempt

5 – Open up the patents that have been locked up and allow the progress of our citizens. These patents will propel us forward in health, transportation and especially in free energy.

6 – All crown land to fall under national park umbrella with heavy surveillance. Move towards acquiring land from coast to coast to coast in an attempt to make a national park so big we will call it the Canadian Spirit Land and preserve it for future generations.

7 – Rewrite how we educate our kids with nature being the priority starting at parent nurturing and in preschool

8 – Shift from synthetic physical well being health structure to a organic/holistic physical well being health structure implement a mental health structure(yoga,meditation)

9 – Remove all guns from our society and promote peace

10 -Bolster our military to protect what we have just initiated.(The reality is there will always be bad governments on our planet someday I hope not)

11 -Use technology to help us not destroy us.(rewrite TV programming move from profit oriented to educational oriented) (Limit use of cell phones and computers)

This is what I believe is the blue print to our future in this great country. Your welcome Canada

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