Eviction Notice

Evicting mining companies

When I had first heard about this mining company eviction notice it really warmed my heart. To see these Canadian aboriginal peoples guard there land against all odds is simply beautiful.
polley protest
Polley notice
My hope would be for all first nations group to band together and stop this industrial disease before it is too late.
polley evict
polly destruct
We have a beautiful wilderness that needs protection which I believe when all these lands are deemed a wilderness park and are protected by all Canadians great tourism will flourish and make Canada a true gem on planet earth. May the First Nations, Greenpeace, Conservatory Of Canada and the Supreme Court continue the fight to protect this wonderful country which will slowly wake up ALL the Canadian citizens to force constitutional changes that will protect our wilderness FOREVER!!
This is the link to what I am referring to. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/08/13/mount-polley-tailings-pond-evicted_n_5673943.html .There are also other eviction notices going on. It’s not just mining but also energy,forestry and the fishing industry. This should all stop and the carbon footprint be removed and mother nature heal from coast to coast to coast.



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