Has I read from time to time from various alternative news sites sometimes participate in them and compare them with what is being reported on M.S.M. from creating Wars for the weapons industry to the Nuclear industry and the Fucashima disaster that has killed the pacific ocean or the various Energy sector cover ups of the buying up and the burying of inventions of environmental free energy inventions “” not to mention the destruction of our pristine land and forests and water and air To see the Health industry and mega pharmaceutical who try to mimic mother nature with chemicals instead of enhancing the properties and cures that mother nature gave us and there disregard for life over money when the industry was built to protect and help human beings. To read and watch the Mining industry destroying trillions of hectares of land that I watched from video documentaries taken using drones or the space shuttle or from the space station (goes to show you NASA’s creditability) clearly we see that capitalism does not work only destroys for money. But the aboriginal(first nations) know the value of land and what the ancestral land really means “” they seem to know how to chart the course for our future and it doesn’t include money.

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